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Build Big Storage

Australia's electricity system is ageing, polluting, inefficient and it needs to be replaced ASAP. Renewable energy plus storage is the cheapest and cleanest way to upgrade our grid and ensure affordable, clean and reliable power for all Australians. There are opportunities to build big storage all around Australia and the Turnbull government must start planning for the future of Australia's electricity system.

Tell the Prime Minister it's time to upgrade our electricity system to renewable energy and storage

A Fair Price for Solar

Right now, when rooftop solar owners sell their excess power back to the grid they receive around 6c/kWh. But the retail companies on-sell this same electricity to a neighbour for up to 29c/kWh — that’s nearly five times the amount solar households get back. It’s daylight robbery and it’s time that solar owners are recognised for the power they feed back into the grid and are paid a fair price for the sunny energy that benefits all consumers.

Sign the petition for a fair price for solar

Make solar thermal happen in Port Augusta

South Australia leads the country in renewable energy. Building solar thermal at Port Augusta should be the next step in SA's renewable power upgrade, providing new jobs and on-demand clean power.

Help make solar thermal in Port Augusta a reality here

Life After Feed-in Tariffs

Feed-in tariffs are ending for over 275,000 solar households in NSW, SA and Vic between September and December 2016. Find out if this change affects you and what you need to do if it does.

Find out more here

The Homegrown Power Plan

The Homegrown Power Plan, a joint project between GetUp! and Solar Citizens, shows how we can repower the country with 100% renewable power by 2030. How? By rebooting our failing electricity system, removing the roadblocks holding us back, and investing in the renewables boom.

Read the full plan and share it with your MP here


Past campaigns


The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) was under threat - again. The Federal Government planned to strip $1 billion in funding from ARENA in an 'Omnibus Bill'. Through our rapid response and targeted campaign, Solar Citizens managed to pull $800 million of that funding back from the brink. 

More details here

Fair go for Tassie Solar

Tasmania is in the grip of an energy crisis. Record low dam levels have incapacitated hydro power, the state has lost the Basslink connection to the mainland grid and deadlines to fix it have been missed repeatedly. The Tasmanian government needed to know that the answer lies in clean, renewable energy, not expensive diesel.

More details here

Stop the NSW solar power rip-off

The Solar Bonus Scheme (that's the 60c/kWh solar feed-in price) ended in 2016 and bungling by the Baird Government threatened to cost solar households thousands. These solar owners will have to pay up to $700 each for an expensive change to meters that could actually provide less information about their solar generation than they currently have access to.

More details here

Capture the Sun

We invited Instagram users to capture the sun for the chance to win an electric scooter. There were over 2000 beautiful entries of sunrises and sunsets. The competition has now closed but be sure to check out the beautiful photographs on the Capture the Sun website. 

More details here

Vote 1 Solar

This election, we’re going all out to get all major parties on board with 100% renewable electricity by 2030. Sign the petition today to call on all parties and candidates to get Australia on the path to a clean, sun-powered future.

Click here to Vote 1 Solar

Fair price for solar in Queensland

Queensland solar owners are getting a raw deal on solar power they feed back to the grid. The Queensland Productivity Commission (QPC) undertook an inquiry into what a fair price for solar should be - but their draft report was a dismal failure. Solar Citizens put out a call for submissions to the Principal Commissioner urging him to address this glaring omission in the final version of the report.

Almost 900 people made a submission!

Prime Minister Turnbull, It's Time To Shine!

Australia is the sunniest continent on earth, so harnessing solar energy just makes sense. 
It's time for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to set a strong course towards a clean, healthy, sun-powered future for all Australians. We delivered 10,824 signatures to the Prime Minister's office in Wentworth, along with a giant 'Room for Improvement' award that was accepted by his staff. 

Read more about the handover event here

WON! SA Power Networks: drop the solar penalty

Almost 3000 Solar Citizens signed the petition and Adelaide volunteers letterboxed thousands of solar homes. The Australian Energy Regulator has rejected SA Power Network's application to charge unfair fees to solar owners, but SAPN didn't accept this and appealed the regulator's decision in the Federal Court (read more here). However the Court ruled in favour of South Australian solar households. Solar Citizens supported the Total Environment Centre’s intervention in the case. Read more here.

We stopped the discriminatory solar penalty

WON! Premier Barnett, Stop the Solar Tax

State owned electricity retailer Synergy, has proposed changes to electricity pricing in Western Australia that would see solar rooftop owners charged an extra fixed fee in their electricity bill. 7,000 Western Australians took a stand against Synergy's proposed unfair 'sun tax.' Now, Premier Barnett has ruled it out in parliament and in a direct letter to Solar Citizens.

We stopped the solar tax

WON! Protect the Renewable Energy Target

More than 28,000 Australians signed this petition and in August 2014 we delivered it in Canberra to Coalition MPs Sarah Henderson and Warren Entsch.

The Abbott Government wanted the Target axed entirely, but by joining together and running a strong campaign, Solar Citizens across the country saved the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme and defended the bulk of the Renewable Energy Target.

We saved the small-scale component of the Renewable Energy Target

Save Solar Tasmania

The Tasmanian government is privatising its electricity retailing, to take effect from 1 January 2014. Without strong community action it is highly likely that feed-in tariffs for rooftop solar panels and other small renewable energy technologies will be lost or reduced, undermining the value of investments that have already been made, and weakening incentives for new investment. 

Find out more and sign the petition to keep solar strong in Tassie

Time to Shine

With a final decision form the government on the fate of the Renewable Energy Target due this month Australians are meeting their local federal MP to ask them to protect the Target and Keep Solar Strong.

Will you meet your local federal representative?

National Rally for Renewables

2,000 renewable energy workers, businesses, solar owners and supporters descended on electorate offices in every state and territory around the country today to protest the Federal Government’s attempt to hurt jobs and families by attacking the Renewable Energy Target. 

Read more about the National Rally for Renewables here. 

Stop Newman's Big Solar Slash

The QLD government has just announced it will slash the feed-in tariff to 40,000 families and make them - and future solar owners - negotiate with their retailer to be paid ANY price for the energy they put into the grid.

Find out more and sign the petition to stop Newman's Solar Slash

WON! Keep Queensland the Sunshine State

Queensland has long been known as Australia's sunshine state, but recent recommendations to the government could see QLD's 300,000 solar homes slugged with new charges of $200 a year that would penalise them for going solar. These measures would undermine the multi-billion dollar investment ordinary Queenslanders have made in solar systems.

We stopped QLD solar penalties

WON! South Australian Solar at Risk

The South Australian government is considering cutting the payment made to solar owners for the energy they provide to the grid. This would force solar to deal directly with big power companies, who have no interest in providing a fair price for solar. Submissions are now open for a review of the feed-in tariff program, and now is our time to have our voices heard on why the South Australian government can’t let the big retailers control solar payments in SA.

We provided over 1,400 submission to ensure a fair price in SA

Inquiry into ‘gold plating’ of power networks

A Senate inquiry into the 'gold plating' of power networks was established, after report of reports claiming up to 60% of electricity bills for some households can be attributed to the cost passed on by electricity companies for maintaining infrastructure such as poles and wires. Solar Citizens called for submissions from members, and was invited to give evidence at the enquiry on behalf of 550 solar homeowners who felt they had been unfairly treated by the big electricity companies.

Read more here.

WON! Barnett's Massive Solar Betrayal

The WA Government has revealed that it intends to slash the feed-in tariff rate which will impact 75,000 WA households that installed solar from mid 2010-2011. This is an arbitrary and deeply unfair decision, targeting ordinary families - a blatant grab for cash by the WA government. The Barnett Government is betraying solar owners and turning its back on people who are taking the right steps for our energy future.

In just 96 hours, we reversed the Barnett Government's decision