Make solar thermal happen in Port Augusta

Make solar thermal happen in Port Augusta

***Update: After a five year people-powered community campaign, SA Premier Jay Weatherill announced that a 150-megawatt solar thermal power plant—one of the largest in the world—will be built in Port Augusta!***

South Australia leads the country in renewable energy. Building solar thermal at Port Augusta should be the next step in SA's renewable power upgrade, providing new jobs and on-demand clean power.

Over the last five years the Port Augusta community has strongly advocated for solar thermal to replace its old coal fired power station [1]. But we need leadership from the South Australian Government to make it happen.

Right now, the SA Government is looking for solutions following the closure of the Port Augusta coal station.

Will you email your State Government MP and Members of the Legislative Council and tell them to make solar thermal in Port Augusta the next step in SA's renewable revolution?

[1] Port Augusta 'busting a gut' to reinvent itself as a solar city when coal-fired power is switched off, The Guardian, 24 March 2016.