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Beep Beep! We need affordable EVs!

Cost of living and petrol prices are skyrocketing, yet Australians are continuing to miss out on cleaner cars that are cheaper to run. The NVES will return money to household budgets, ease the cost of living for drivers, and reduce pollution and emissions for decades to come.

Unlike 85% of the global car market, Australia does not have a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES).

As a result, our nation has become a dumping ground for some of the world’s most inefficient and polluting cars.

Whilst the NVES has been announced, it hasn’t been voted on in Parliament. 

Sign the petition now to call on the Federal Government to get Australia on the road to clean transport & make the NVES law. 


Extra Resources

For all the key details about why we need New Vehicle Efficiency Standards (previously referred to as Fuel Efficiency Standards), check out our explainer here.

You can also catch up on our webinar, The EV Revolution: Why Australia is Lagging Behind here.

For more information about New Vehicle Efficiency Standards, you can find our latest media releases below:

Will you sign?

Dear Federal and State Energy and Transport Ministers,

Petrol prices and transport emissions are skyrocketing, but Australians are being left behind on electric vehicles, which cut pollution and are cheaper to run and maintain. 

We’re calling on you to support the following policies to help get more Australians in the driver's seat of an electric vehicle:

  1. Implementing strong, mandatory New Vehicle Efficiency Standard to bring Australia up to speed with the rest of the world. 
  2. Setting a target for 100% of new car sales to be electric by 2030.
  3. Provide additional funding for upfront EV incentives and charging infrastructure.

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