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Save the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)

***Update: Solar Citizens across Australia sent more than 3,400 emails to Josh Frydenberg and Prime Minister Turnbull to save the CEFC. While we know government subsidies for coal are still being tossed about, we haven’t seen movement on this CEFC legislation yet – and if we do, we’re ready to act to defend the CEFC’s mandate.***

The Turnbull government wants to use money meant for clean energy to fund new coal power. That means your money could soon be financing risky, dirty and expensive coal.

The Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has announced that the Turnbull Government will introduce legislation to change the rules of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) so it can finance so-called "clean coal", the most expensive and polluting form of new energy generation.

The CEFC is Australia's 'clean energy bank.' It gives loans to commercially viable renewable energy projects and, on average, makes a healthy return of 6% on investment for the taxpayer. The CEFC does not currently invest in coal because it is not clean enough and it is not profitable enough. 

Can you write to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Minister Josh Frydenberg and Minister Mathias Cormann, telling them to spend clean energy funding on clean energy, not dirty and risky coal?