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Stop the NSW solar power rip-off


Our campaign is already having an impact! Here’s an update on the wins so far:

  • The NSW Parliament has passed legislation putting more electricians on the job of changing meters over. This comes in response to our concerns that a lack of electricians could cause lengthy delays, leaving thousands of people without access to their solar.*
  • Reports indicate that people living in the greater Sydney metropolitan area (including Central Coast and the Hunter) may not be forced to buy new, expensive meters but will have the option to upgrade only if they choose - this will depend on the retailer you are with.**
  • You should be receiving a letter from the NSW government informing you that you’ll soon receive offers from your electricity retailer for new smart meters. Once the retailers’ offers go public we’ll get back to you with more information about the various options available.

It’s clear that the NSW government and electricity networks are responding to our concerns. However, we’re yet to see any progress on a fair minimum price for solar fed back into the grid. Let's keep the pressure on!

*Meter confusion as NSW prepares for end of premium solar tariffs, Renew Economy, 15 March 2016.

**Solar panel households told smart meters not compulsory as bonus scheme ends, SMH, 3 April 2016.

The Solar Bonus Scheme (that's the 60c/kWh solar feed-in price) is ending this year and bungling by the Baird Government could cost solar households thousands.

These solar owners will have to pay up to $700 each for an expensive change to meters that could actually provide less information about their solar generation than they currently have access to. What's more, the state may not have enough electricians or meters to roll out the transition in time which could leave thousands of people without access to their solar.

On top of this, the price set for solar in NSW is the lowest in the country with the return for exported solar sometimes as low as 0c/kWh for households not on the Solar Bonus Scheme. That's right, solar owners could be getting zilch for the very same electricity that power companies sell back to their neighbours at a much higher price.

What a mess! Can you sign our petition to Premier Mike Baird demanding fair treatment for NSW solar owners?

Will you sign?

Dear Premier Baird,

Solar homeowners are being ripped off in NSW. Your Government is failing to recognise the benefits of solar and failing to treat solar owners fairly.

I want a 'Fair Go' for solar.

That means:

  • A minimum fair price for exported solar
  • A fair transition for solar owners on the 60c/kW feed-in price
  • Laws to stop discrimination against solar owners

Your Government promised to help make NSW Australia's answer to California's clean energy sector. But on so many fronts, NSW is falling behind.

I urge you to deliver on your promises and make NSW the solar-powered renewable powerhouse we all know it can be.

Yours Sincerely,


Help us reach 4,000 signatures

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