NSW Election 2019

This election let's get the best deal for solar owners

We need our next State Government to commit to affordable solar energy for all

Our national electricity market is broken and the Federal Government’s refusal to act is driving up power bills for New South Wales and threatening our state’s renewable energy future. Renewable energy with storage is the cleanest and cheapest way to repower New South Wales – let's make it happen.

Policy Recommendations:

A Fair Price for Solar
A mandated fair feed-in tariff for solar owners will stop households from being ripped off by big energy retailers.

 Solar for 100,000 renters
A split incentive scheme that helps renters access rooftop solar over the next term of government will help thousands of NSW households take back control of their electricity bills.

4000MW of new large-scale renewable & storage capacity
A commitment to build new renewable capacity will boost NSW’s clean energy industry and unlock thousands of jobs.

We need politicians who will stand up for New South Wales and our clean energy future. Politicians need to show NSW voters that they’re serious by committing to support affordable solar for all.

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