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Prime Minister Turnbull, It's Time To Shine!

*** UPDATE ***

On April 14, we presented Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's office with the signatures of 10,824 Australians who think the government needs to be stronger on renewable energy. 


While we were there we took the opportunity to present his staff with a giant ‘Room for Improvement’ certificate. It turns out the PM’s own electorate of Wentworth is second last in the whole country when it comes to the number of solar rooftops.

We reckon he can do a lot better, both in Wentworth and Australia-wide. And his constituents agree. 63.5% of people in Wentworth would be more likely to vote for a party with a policy to gradually transition Australia away from coal-fired power to 100% renewable power by 2030.*

The petition delivery was just the beginning. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be going hard to make sure our plan for 100% renewable power is high on the agenda this federal election. Let’s keep this solar movement growing.

Australia is the sunniest continent on earth, so harnessing solar energy just makes sense. 

It's time for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to set a strong course towards a clean, healthy, sun-powered future for all Australians. Sign the petition today!



Will you sign?

Dear Prime Minister Turnbull and members of the Australian government,

I want to see a sun-powered future for Australia, but I’m worried our country is falling behind the rest of the world. Solar and renewable energy mean more jobs, more investment, cheaper and cleaner power and a better world for our children.

That’s why I’m calling on you to Stand Up For Solar, including:

  • A goal of at least 50% renewable energy by 2030;
  • An end to discriminatory fees for solar owners and a fair price for solar energy fed back into the grid; and
  • A national plan to help more Australians cut their bills by going solar.

Yours Sincerely,


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