Rally for renewables brings thousands to politicians’ doors - Solar Citizens

Rally for renewables brings thousands to politicians’ doors

2,000 renewable energy workers, businesses, solar owners and supporters descended on electorate offices in every state and territory around the country today to protest the Federal Government’s attempt to hurt jobs and families by attacking the Renewable Energy Target.

“Renewables are driving investment, creating jobs, and helping people take control of their power bills,” said Kane Thornton, Clean Energy Council Acting Chief Executive.

“Australians will accept nothing less than full support for the Renewable Energy Target, with no cuts.”

“The Target will create at least another 18,000 jobs in solar and renewables by 2020 if it’s kept in place,” said John Grimes, Australian Solar Council Chief Executive Officer.

“Today’s turnout around our nation shows how important the Target is to ordinary Australians,” said Solar Citizens Campaigns Director Claire O’Rourke.

“Any cuts to the Target will increase the cost of rooftop solar by up to 50 per cent, putting it out of reach of ordinary Australian households.”

“Australians want more solar not less - and there are 2 million homes across the country with solar on the rooftop - that’s millions of solar voters.”

“If the government kills the Target it will deliver a windfall to the big power companies over the next 15 years but households will continue to pay more,” said Brian England, National Chair of the Solar Energy Industries Association.

“Wind energy has been a boon for regional Australia, delivering income to local communities and providing much-needed jobs,” said Andrew Bray, National Coordinator of the Australian Wind Alliance.

“Cutting the Target now would threaten billions of dollars of investment in regional Australia at a time when the jobs outlook is very shaky.”

The event marked the first time Solar Citizens, the Clean Energy Council, Australian Solar Council, the Solar Energy Industry Association and the Australian Wind Alliance have united to protest the unprecedented attacks on renewable jobs, growth and investment.

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