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WON: Premier Barnett, Stop the Solar Tax

UPDATE: We won! 7,000 Western Australians took a stand against Synergy's proposed unfair 'sun tax.' Now, Premier Barnett has ruled it out in parliament and in a direct letter to Solar Citizens.

State owned electricity retailer Synergy has proposed changes to electricity pricing in Western Australia that would see solar rooftop owners charged an extra fixed fee in their electricity bill.

The reality is that the Government has over-invested in electricity generation and network capacity (sometimes called ‘gold plating’) at a time when demand for electricity has been falling. There are estimates that over-investment in West Australia’s electricity system was $3.85bn in 2011-12 alone*

Synergy is a government owned retailer and Premier Barnett has the power to ensure solar households are not lumped with this outrageous charge. 

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Premier Barnett, 

State owned electricity provider Synergy has announced plans to slug solar rooftop owners with an unfair fixed "solar tax" actively discriminating against the 191,000 solar households who have embraced this sunny clean technology.

We call on you to step in and stop this cash grab. In New South Wales and South Australia these type of discriminatory charges were proposed and shut down by either the regulator or government. We call on you step in and rule out a discriminatory fee for solar households in Western Australia. 


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