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WON: SA Power Networks: drop the solar penalty

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: We won! Almost 3000 of you signed the petition and Adelaide volunteers letterboxed thousands of solar homes. Now, the Australian Energy Regulator has rejected SA Power Network's application to charge unfair fees to solar owners. But SAPN didn't accept this, and appealed the regulator's decision in the Federal Court (read more here). But the Court ruled in favour of South Australian solar households. Solar Citizens supported the Total Environment Centre’s intervention in the case. Read more here.


SA Power Networks has applied to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), asking for permission to introduce a discriminatory penalty on all solar owners in South Australia. This means solar households will pay close to $100 more in supply charges than other residential households who consume the same amount of electricity.

This is outrageous and blatantly discriminatory. There are 180,000 South Australian solar owners who have made the sensible choice to reduce their electricity usage by generating free, clean energy from the sun. Not only are they easing demand on the grid, rooftop solar is bringing down wholesale energy prices for everyone. 

South Australian solar owners ought to be congratulated, not penalised. Help stop this unconscionable new charge in its tracks.

Sign the petition to tell SA Power Networks to drop the discriminatory penalty on solar now!


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Drop the SA Solar Penalty

Will you sign?

To SA Power Networks,

We the undersigned are deeply disturbed by reports that you have applied to the Australian Energy Regulator for permission to introduce discriminatory penalties for South Australian solar owners.

Solar owners have made the sensible choice to reduce our energy usage by generating free, clean energy from the sun. What's more, our rooftops are actually reducing demand on the network and lowering wholesale electricity prices. 

We urge you to retract your application to the Australian Energy Regulator regarding these discriminatory penalties immediately.

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