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We won! Queensland's Plan to Repower

Big news out of the Sunshine State: the Queensland Government has announced their 10-Year Energy Plan including an increased Renewable Energy Target of 70% by 2032!

Together, we’ve been working hard to lock in a more ambitious clean energy plan for Australia’s most polluting State. Our hard work paid off when the State Government recently made a bunch of game-changing announcements in their Energy Plan. These include:

  • An increased Renewable Energy Target of 70% by 2032, up from 50% by 2030.
  • Plans to replace the State’s coal-fired power stations and turn them into clean energy hubs by 2035!!
  • New grid infrastructure to connect regional Queensland’s world-class renewable energy resources.
  • $2.5 billion in extra funding for publicly-owned clean energy.

This Energy Plan represents a major step forward for the Queensland Government and it wouldn’t have happened without the tireless efforts from our clean energy-loving community. Thank you for everything you do!

Importantly, the State Government has committed to review and update the Plan every two years from 2025, so that our community has an avenue to keep pushing for a fast and fair transition to clean and affordable renewable energy. 

The release of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan came just weeks after more than 100 solar citizens and members of the Queensland Community Alliance came together in the Queensland Energy Minister’s electorate to put pressure on him to deliver an ambitious clean energy plan. We handed over our petition and even had an electric vehicle-powered BBQ. 

Springwood event with Energy Minister

In the months leading up to the energy plan, we also joined forces with the Queensland Conservation Council to put up billboards around Brisbane, including in the Premier’s and Energy Ministers’ electorates, calling for more clean energy to bring down power bills and fix the energy crisis.

Billboard in Premier's electorate

This is on top of the years we’ve spent campaigning for more clean energy ambition in the Sunshine State.

All of these things we couldn’t have done without support from solar citizens—like you—who sign petitions, volunteer or donate to power our campaigns. Thanks again!

Unfortunately, our job is not completely finished yet. Since the plan was released we looked into the Five Ways to Improve Queensland's Energy and Jobs Plan: read and share the report today!