Time to Shine - Solar Citizens

Will your MP Keep Solar Strong? Meet with them to find out!

This Spring it's Time to Shine. Solar Citizens around Australia are meeting with their local federal MPs to ask them to Keep Solar Strong. With the government expected to make a final decision on the fate of the Renewable Energy Target in the next couple of weeks it’s crucial that we meet our local MPs and tell them we want them to protect the Target!

We've delivered petitions, sent hand-written letters, emailed and called their offices - and they're taking notice. Now it's time to meet with your local federal MP to find out where they stand on solar and the Renewable Energy Target? Fill in the form below right now and we will send you our step-by-step guide and all the resources you need to set up and take part in a successful meeting with your MP. 



  • Need help organising your meeting? Check out our step-by-step MP Meeting Guide and resources here.

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