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Affordable storage solutions

Australians are facing a triple whammy: a cost of living crisis, an energy crisis and the climate crisis.

Now the Federal Government has a huge opportunity to address all three by rolling out storage solutions that can help households and businesses make the most of our abundant solar energy. 

Instead of more subsidies for big coal and gas, the Federal Government can help unlock all of Australia’s renewable potential with a battery storage policy like the hugely successful Renewable Energy Target. By deploying storage solutions like home batteries and electric vehicles that can feed cheap clean energy back into the grid, we can save households thousands and slash emissions  all while strengthening the grid and saving on costs for larger infrastructure. 

Sign the petition now to call on the Federal Government to a Renewable Energy Storage Target to unlock Australia’s renewable potential.

Will you sign?

We’re calling on the Federal Government to act now to tackle the energy crisis and rising cost of living by:

  • Introducing a policy like a Renewable Energy Storage Target (REST) to drive the rapid rollout of small-scale battery storage.
  • Ensuring everyone can access the benefits by supporting a range of storage solutions, from batteries for homes and businesses, to electric vehicles that can act as batteries on wheels.

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