Labor ambition set with 50% renewables by 2030 - Solar Citizens

Labor ambition set with 50% renewables by 2030


Solar Citizens applauds Labor’s announcement this morning that the party plans to introduce a 50% renewable energy goal of 50% by 2030 as a cornerstone of the party’s Platform to be endorsed at this week’s ALP National Conference.

Solar Citizens National Director, Claire O’Rourke, said Labor’s commitment to a strong renewables goal will be welcomed by the overwhelming majority of Australians who want to see more solar and renewables, not less.

“Labor leader Bill Shorten today begins a new chapter for renewable energy in Australia - this new, ambitious and achievable goal and will address the relentless and wilful damage that the Abbott Government has inflicted on the solar and renewable energy industry since it was elected in 2013,” said Ms O’Rourke.

“This announcement demonstrates that the ALP has a strong commitment to the creation of thousands of jobs and to help families reap the rewards of solar to take control of rising power bills.”

“In setting this new ambitious standard for renewable energy, the ALP has backed a vote winner with recent Essential Polling showing that 55% of people saying they would be more likely to vote for a party that increased Government support for renewable energy.”

“In recent weeks Solar Citizens members have met with ALP MPs from across the country, asking them to take the ‘Stand up for Solar’ pledge. This support is now recognised by the leadership of the party, which is an important development that sets a positive tone to the national debate.

“The way we use energy is changing, with families and businesses reaping the benefits of lower power bills and energy independence. We welcome Labor’s recognition in its National Platform that Australians want to see a strong renewable energy sector that can attract investment and create thousands of new jobs.”

“Australians want political leadership that will deliver cleaner, cheaper energy from solar - the last thing they want to see is ongoing attacks such as those we have seen from the Federal Government.”

“For far too long there has been a disconnect between what Australians want and what our political leaders have delivered. Labor’s announcement takes Australia one step closer to becoming a solar powerhouse.”  

“We urge the Abbott Government to follow Labor’s shining example and agree to a 50% renewable energy goal by 2030, to show Australians that they will deliver sensible policies that are in the national interest.” said Ms O’Rourke.  

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