Barnett's Massive Solar Betrayal

Barnett's Massive Solar Betrayal

HUGE NEWS: We won! Barnett has admitted he 'got it wrong' on the solar tariff and reversed his decision! People power has made this happen, thank you to everyone who signed.

The WA Government has revealed that it intends to slash the feed-in tariff rate which will impact 75,000 WA households that installed solar from mid 2010-2011.

The changes mean that these families will have their feed-in tariff slashed from 40c to 20c per unit over the next year. This is an arbitrary and deeply unfair decision, targeting ordinary families - a blatant grab for cash by the WA government. The Barnett Government is betraying solar owners and turning its back on people who are taking the right steps for our energy future.

We need to react quickly and hit hard. Please sign this petition and forward to every solar owner you know.


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Dear Premier Barnett, Treasurer Troy Buswell and Energy Minister Mike Nahan,

We, the undersigned, are deeply angered by your budget decision to retract the solar feed-in tariff paid to the 75,000 solar homes that installed solar between mid-2010 and mid-2011.

When we invested in solar, we did so in good faith and on the understanding that we would receive a fair return for the power we feed to the grid. This was expressed in writing - a fair price for ten years for our solar installation.

Your recent announcement to slash this tariff by half punishes hard working families for doing the right thing, and is a huge breach of trust between solar owners and the State Government.

We urge you to reverse this decision immediately.

Yours sincerely,


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