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2016 Great Solar Census

Earlier this year we ran the 2016 Great Solar Census and the results are in! We've put together a sunny infographic with the key results to provide a snapshot of who Solar Citizens are. 

So, what did we learn? 

1. There are more than 83,300 Solar Citizens across Australia and 89% of you live under a solar rooftop. That means Solar Citizens has grown by more than ten thousand people since roughly this time last year - that's huge! And now, even more have you have solar (up from 84% in 2015). 

2. 79% of Solar Citizens are interested in battery storage. We all know batteries are the next big thing, so this isn't surprising. The market for solar and storage is only going to get bigger, especially if power companies keep trying to introduce unfair charges for solar owners.

3. You're saving money on power bills. 89% of Solar Citizens said they are satisfied that their system is saving them money on power bills, in fact, 56% of you have more than halved your annual electricity bill! 

4. Australians love their solar - and want more of it. Almost 100% of survey participants think Australia should invest in big solar projects - and 92% want Australia to transition to 100% renewable power by 2030! To read more about how that's not only possible but will save us money too, check out the Homegrown Power Plan

5. But lack of political will is getting in the way. Nearly all of you think lack of political will is the major barrier to Australia's renewable future. If you want to start changing that, get involved this federal election here


Time to Shine petition handover

On April 14, we presented Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's office with the signatures of 10,824 Australians who think the government needs to be stronger on renewable energy. 


While we were there we took the opportunity to present his staff with a giant ‘Room for Improvement’ certificate. It turns out the PM’s own electorate of Wentworth is second last in the whole country when it comes to the number of solar rooftops!

We reckon he can do a lot better, both in Wentworth and Australia-wide. And his constituents agree. 63.5% of people in Wentworth would be more likely to vote for a party with a policy to gradually transition Australia away from coal-fired power to 100% renewable power by 2030.*

We made for a sunny bunch standing outside the PM's office in Wentworth, in I Heart Solar t-shirts and bright yellow umbrellas. We were also joined by the wonderful Ecopella who led us in several sun-themed songs. it was a great day and a chance for Solar Citizens from across Sydney to meet each other, have some fun and show our Prime Minister that it's time to shine on solar. 





Come work with us!


(This could be you!)

 Australia has the chance to lead the world in clean energy, but years of policy uncertainty is holding us back. That's why this federal election Solar Citizens is set to spark a race to the top, amongst all political parties, on clean energy.

We need all hands on deck for our exciting election campaign. That's why we're looking for amazing organisers who want to work with Solar Citizens around Australia to lock in 100% clean renewable power this election.

Check out our new election positions - and please share with anyone you think would be interested!

SA senate campaign election organiser - click here.

Election organiser positions (8 week contracts) - click here.

Here's the low-down. We have a 6-month contract available working with Solar Citizens' high-impact South Australian volunteer teams as our Senate Election organiser. We also have a number of 8-week contracts available in target electorates across Australia. We are looking for people in Brisbane, Sydney, Regional New South Wales, Adelaide and Tasmania. Find more details and position descriptions here.

If you are someone, or you know someone, who wants to work to get Australia on the path to a future powered by 100% renewable energy then this could be the perfect opportunity to join our sunny team.

If you have any questions please contact our Director of Organising and Campaigns, Dan Scaysbrook by emailing [email protected] or calling 0416 481 522.


Starting up a Solar Citizens group in Perth


On Tuesday 29th September we held a Perth Volunteer Meeting, as a followup to the Canning by-election, to bring together any Solar Citizens in the area who were interested in starting up a Perth group. Despite some last minute apologies, the meeting went really well! Perth has made it's first steps towards getting a Solar Citizens group up and running.

The results are in: 2015 Great Solar Census


Earlier this year we ran the 2015 Great Solar Census and now the data is in! We've condensed the topline results into a sunny infographic that provides a snapshot of who Solar Citizens are. 

Here are five things we've learned.

Coalition Renewable Energy Target myths busted

Coalition myths busted

We busted three of the biggest myths the Coalition is using to justify scrapping the policy which has helped so many Aussies go solar...

Look what we did on Friday!

We did it!

On Friday, thousands of solar and renewable energy workers, solar owners and supporters rallied at Cabinet Ministers’ offices across the nation, in an unprecedented show of support for the Renewable Energy Target.

National Rally for Renewables, midday Friday September 26

I’m writing today with urgent news. The very future of solar and renewables in Australia is at risk as the government tries to take away our right to take control of our energy bills.

Solar Stories - Solazone


Passionate about solar, Ernest started his own solar business in Melbourne in 1983. In 1988, Ernest moved to the Sunshine Coast, QLD, and opened his second office, where he still lives today.

Protecting solar: umbrellas, postcards and former Prime Ministers

Canberra may have an image as a laid-back city but a day spent at Parliament House is anything but relaxed, particularly when you’re there to tell the government to protect the Renewable Energy Target and Australia’s solar future.