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Solar Citizens Partnerships to Help You Switch and Save

Everyday Aussies are leading the renewable revolution to cut bills, take energy generation back into our own hands, and create a healthier, better life for everyone. We know that we can bring down the cost of living and emissions with clean energy solutions.

That's why we have partnered up with clean technology service providers to help you make the switch and electrify your home.

It’s a win-win. You get access to great deals and help us fuel our people-powered clean energy and transport campaigns, as we gain a small commission from each provider! By taking part, we can also gather valuable stories and hard data on how clean energy solutions are helping Australians. If you opt-in to be a case study for us, we can use your experience and savings to show politicians the benefits and barriers to clean energy, clean transport and electrification – and help win policies that allow more Australians to access these benefits. 


You can read more about what each organisation offers and why we have partnered with them below:



🔋 Get the most out of your home battery with Amber by increasing the supply of clean energy in the grid.

Amber is an energy retailer which offers their customers access to wholesale energy prices and battery automation technology in exchange for a subscription fee. Their automation service enables batteries to more effectively store abundant solar from the middle of the day and release it in the evening when there is the highest demand for it making better use of the solar and improving profits for the battery owner. 

Amber charges a flat $19 monthly subscription fee for their service. Click here to switch to Amber and receive a $30 discount on your first electricity bill.




💰 See how your investments could be doing more for you and the planet with Acacia. 

Acacia is a free app that allows you to compare different options for your investments. Across banking, super, energy or home loans, Acacia uses its own independent metrics to display the option that is the greenest, has the largest returns or best combination of the two. 

Click here to download Acacia or find out more.  




☀ Simplify your solar or battery installation with Solar Quotes.

Solar Quotes are an independent service that offers free quotes for solar, battery or EV charger installation for your home or business. The network of 568 installers Solar Quotes endorses has been vetted for quality and by making them compete for your business, they ensure the quote you get is reasonable. 

Get up to 3 free, no obligation, quotes from vetted, qualified installers here.




⚡Find out which clean energy technology will cut your bills the most with the free Solar Maximiser tool.

Solar Maximiser is a free online tool from Solar Analytics that tells you what is the best combination of rooftop solar, battery or hot water heat pumps to maximise your energy and bill savings. From there, you can make an informed decision about your next clean energy investments. Click here to get free, no obligations, personalised Smart Energy advice.


If you have any questions about these offers, please email us at [email protected]

*Please note: Solar Citizens has done due diligence on each of these organisations to ensure that the service is of a high quality, but they might not be suitable for everyone depending on your individual circumstances.

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