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And we end in Melbourne!


The Solar Citizens tour of capital cities ended on 19 June, when nearly 200 Solar Citizens came together in Melbourne - the final stop of Our Solar At Risk: Public Meetings to Defend Solar.

Next Stop to Save Solar? Sydney!

Continuing Solar Citizens’ public meetings around the country, on 18 June, nearly one hundred and fifty Solar Citizens came to Sydney Uni to talk all things solar.

Adelaide Says: Keep Solar Strong!


Just last week, on June 11th, over 150 current and future solar owners came together in Adelaide - in one of the State’s most marginal electorates - to say: South Australia wants to keep solar strong.


Queensland says: We're not the latte set!

On June 5th, 200 concerned current and future solar owners came together in Brisbane - in the heart of Premier Campbell Newman’s electorate - to say: Keep Solar Strong.

Power to the Postcard!

 Thousands of postcards have flooded in!

Every trip to the mailbox brings another batch of postcard petitions. The tens of thousands of postcards ordered as part of our campaign to protect the Renewable Energy Target (RET) are flooding in. 

Solar supporters across Australia have been taking the postcards to their family, friends, neighbours and colleagues asking them to support the Renewable Energy Target.

Solar Citizens shake it up


Solar Citizens hit the ground running in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide as they established State Teams that will stand up for a fair deal for solar power in Australia.

Meetings in the four cities were abuzz as talented and passionate people joined forces to make sure that solar owners get a fair deal and that all Australians will get the benefits of solar power.

More commitments for no additional fees or tariffs - this time from NSW


Above: The Solar Citizens team with Minister Roberts and Stokes.

Last week, Solar Citizens met with New South Wales Energy Minister Anthony Roberts and Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy, Rob Stokes.

This was one meeting in a series we have lined up with state energy ministers to handover the "Don't Tax the Sun" petition and get commitments not to slug solar homes with extra fees or charges.

FAQs on the Renewable Energy Target

Need more information on the renewable energy target, solar and how it all works? You've come to the right place!

QLD Feed-in Tariff slash, March 2013

Background information for Queensland members of the public

No fees or taxes, they promised.


Above: The Solar Citizens team with Mr Koustantonis's advisor

Last week, Solar Citizens met the current South Australian Energy Minister, Tom Koustantonis’ office, and the Shadow Minister for Energy, Martin Hamilton-Smith. We also heard from Mark Parnell, Parliamentary Leader of the SA Greens.