Queensland: a renewable energy powerhouse

Queensland: a renewable energy powerhouse

Last year, Solar Citizens ‘Renewable Energy Across the Regions’ report showed just how much jobs and investment were happening in renewables in regional Queensland [1]. In 2018, renewables project amounting to more than 1000MW were built in Queensland, creating over 2000 construction jobs.

But fast forward to now, and the picture isn’t so rosy. Prime Minister Morrison has walked away from clean energy and as a result, investment in new renewable projects has crashed to virtually nothing.

So what can we do? Given the lack of leadership from Canberra, it’s time for the Palaszczuk Government to step in. The Queensland Government talks the talk on clean energy. They’ve got a target of 50% renewables by 2030. But so far, it’s too much talk and not enough action. There’s no plan for how to achieve the target, and to support the jobs pipeline that has seen a massive investment boom in the last two years.

In fact, if all the projects in the planning and construction pipeline go ahead it will mean an extra 34,000 jobs for Queenslanders. 

A thriving renewable energy industry in Queensland means thousands of jobs, regional investment, and cheaper electricity for all. But the toxic national energy debate is stalling future investment and putting new projects at risk. 

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[1] Renewable Energy Across Queensland’s Regions report, Green Energy Markets, July 2018.