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Bipartisan support needed to lock in cost of living savings and clean energy investment from 75% emissions reduction target

Solar Citizens urges Queensland LNP Leader David Crisafulli to extend bi-partisan support for the two renewable energy bills due before Queensland Parliament today and make the upcoming State Election a race to the top on delivering clean, renewable energy and cost-of-living relief for households.

The Clean Economy Jobs Bill 2024 and Energy (Renewable Transformation and Jobs) Bill 2023 are expected/will be moved as one in the Queensland Parliament today.

Queensland leads the world in the uptake of rooftop solar and the state’s Shadow Environment Minister Sam O’Connor last month publicly guaranteed nuclear will not be part of the Queensland LNP’s energy transformation plan.

Power to the people: Brisbane hears how Australia could save $9 billion on power bills

Community members, civil society and climate groups, and energy experts will gather in Brisbane on Tuesday to discuss Queensland’s energy transition, the key policies of the major parties and plans for community action in the lead-up to the October State election.

The forum will take place the day after Queensland Energy Minister Mick de Brenni announced increased funds for the Battery Booster programme, meaning a further 1,000 households will benefit from subsidised batteries. It also takes place as the Clean Economy Jobs Bill 2024 goes up for vote by Queensland Parliament, perhaps as soon as this week.

Rooftop solar can deliver $9.3 billion a year in cost savings for people living in apartments or houses with space for more panels

New data has today revealed a massive $9.3 billion per year in potential cost savings for Australians if people living in apartments or houses with more space for solar panels were supported to install more rooftop solar.

The new analysis commissioned by Solar Citizens and conducted by the Australian PV Institute at the University of NSW found:

  • There is 45.8 GW of unrealised potential solar energy on houses and apartments across Australia and 5.7 million households without solar;

  • Closing the solar potential gap would create  240,000 additional job-years of employment in the solar sales and installation industry, equivalent to employing 48,000 people for 5 years. 

  • It would deliver an average annual household bill savings of $1,390 each year continuing for the operational lifetime of the solar PV systems, usually 20 years or more.

Solar Citizens comment on the Future Made in Australia Act

Comment from Solar Citizens CEO Heidi Lee Douglas:

“Solar Citizens welcomes the release of the Future Made in Australia Act and its focus on ensuring the growing demand for household solar and batteries is matched with making the technology here.

“This is a massive opportunity for a new, modern, clean industry with export potential, investment in homegrown innovation and opportunities for regional jobs and economic growth. 

Solar Citizens: Comment on Sunwiz data showing 250,000 home batteries now installed Australiawide

Heidi Lee Douglas with mascot Sunny pictured with a home battery
Comment from Heidi Lee Douglas, National Director at Solar Citizens: 

"Australians are voting for cheaper, cleaner solar energy with more than 3 million rooftop solar installations, and now we need greater targeted financial support for more homes to access the bill-saving power of local battery storage. 

"The Sunwiz data shows Aussie households are keen to install household batteries to compliment their rooftop solar, but the high upfront cost remains an impediment to most people and families.

"Solar Citizens supports greater targeted financial support from the Federal and state governments for more homes to access clean solar technology, including low-income households and people who live in apartments, rentals or social housing.

Solar-powered cost of living relief in Federal Budget good for households, small business and environment

Solar Citizens welcomes media reports the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will use a speech today to indicate further energy price relief for households and small business and recognise the need for greater uptake of rooftop solar [1].

Many households, especially in regional areas, face continued cost of living pressure and energy bill increases.

Solar Citizens: Statement in response to Fed Government's $1billion solar manufacturing announcement

One in three Australian homes now has solar panels and there’s ongoing demand to power our homes on sunshine.

But so far our homegrown manufacturing industry has barely benefited from the leading uptake of solar. Today’s announcement enables Australia to turn a corner and allow the rest of the 60% of Australians who haven’t got solar to have the chance to buy quality Australian-made products.

Pass NVES and get more cars that run on sunshine on the road, sooner

Solar Citizens calls on Australia’s political leaders to support passing the revised New Vehicle Efficiency Standard, delivering more affordable electric vehicles and ongoing fuel savings for Australians. 

CEO Heidi Lee Douglas said, “The Federal Government has listened to various stakeholders and made sensible concessions in the new draft. Now the vested interests of the legacy car industry should get out of the road and stop blocking the best interests of Australian motorists who want the cost of living savings and health benefits the fuel efficiency benefits the new standard will deliver.

“The New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will return money to household budgets, ease the cost of living for drivers, and reduce pollution and emissions for decades to come.

“The new efficiency standard opens the path for more efficient, cheaper-to-run vehicles in the Australian market, including more efficient petrol models, electric vehicles, and hybrids.

Rooftop solar and storage the true key for cheaper, cleaner energy for NSW residents: Solar Citizens

Many NSW households, especially in regional areas, face continued energy bill increases under the Australian Energy Regulator’s Default Market Offer, according to Solar Citizens.

Solar Citizens CEO Heidi Lee Douglas said, on top of a 20% energy bill increase in the past year, this new default market offer arrives as the NSW Government considers adding the cost of extending the Eraring Coal Fired Power Plant beyond its economic life to consumer energy bills.

Solar Citizens is calling on the NSW Government to use its upcoming state budget to implement bill-saving measures such as support for rooftop solar and household batteries instead of keeping the Eraring coal-fired power station open. 

Renewables and cost of living on the agenda for Queensland leaders

Solar Citizens has welcomed the announcement made by Opposition Leader David Crisafulli at the Courier Mail’s Leader’s debate today of a grant of up to $3,500 to support renters getting access to solar.

Mr Crisafulli told the debate the program would run for four years and be focussed on a ‘partnership’ approach between landlord and tenants.

The Opposition’s announcement builds on a previous Queensland Government Solar for Renters trial that had a positive impact for participating households, a trial Solar Citizens has been urging all sides of politics in Queensland to reinvigorate and expand.