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Government Inaction Stalling New Clean Energy Projects

Just months ago large-scale clean energy projects were going gangbusters right across Queensland – bringing jobs and billions worth of investment to the regions. But now, Federal energy policy uncertainty has derailed the large-scale clean energy industry, particularly in Queensland. 

Queensland's Potential Clean Energy Jobs Bonanza

We’ve just released an exciting analysis showing a whopping 51,000 construction jobs and almost 2,500 ongoing jobs will be created across Queensland if all the large-scale clean energy projects under development go ahead. That’s a game-changer.

2020 Queensland policy asks

It's time for Queensland to embrace renewable energy innovation, fast-tracking development of new export and manufacturing industries that will boost regional economies. Already, we’ve seen large-scale projects create thousands of construction jobs and direct millions worth of investment to Queensland’s regions.

Queensland publicly owned renewables

Unlike other States, most of Queensland’s power stations are still in public hands. This means that the revenue from the power stations goes back to funding schools, hospitals and roads, rather than to private companies.

Queensland: a renewable energy powerhouse

Last year, Solar Citizens ‘Renewable Energy Across the Regions’ report showed just how much jobs and investment were happening in renewables in regional Queensland [1]. In 2018, renewables project amounting to more than 1000MW were built in Queensland, creating over 2000 construction jobs.

Potential Rule Changes for Solar Households

After previous attempts to slap solar households with unfair charges or the “sun tax”, the AEMC has finally come up with a proposal that looks to the future rather than attempting to maintain the status quo. In a recently released review“Integrating Distributed Energy Resources for the Grid of the Future”the AEMC has acknowledged that there is a huge and valuable resource in the amount of rooftop solar DER that Australians have installed.

How Renewable Energy Projects Can Help Aussie Farmers

Meet Tom. His sheep graze under Neoen's Dubbo Solar Farm and he reckons the panels have made the land more productive, especially in the drought.

Meet Harold, a Technophile Who’s Future-Proofing His Home With Solar

Whether you already have rooftop solar panels or are thinking about installing them in your home, tech enthusiast Harold thinks you should consider a solar battery system to complement them. 

Melbourne Resident Terry Talks Solar Battery installation

With solar panels and a solar battery powering their home, Terry and his wife are part of a small but growing community of Australians who are ahead of the energy curve, taking energy production into their own hands.

Solar batteries: how far they’ve come, and where they’re going next

Solar panels and batteries have seen a surge in popularity over the last decade, as technology rapidly evolves and consumers demand for a clean energy future. With prices dropping and governments injecting financial incentives across Australia, rooftop solar is becoming more of an expectation rather than a luxury choice, and solar batteries aren’t far behind.

So, what’s changed? And why should you invest in a solar battery now?