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We've just opened Townsville's Clean Energy Hub!

As one of the sunniest cities in the world, Townsville stands to benefit from the transition to clean, renewable energy. Already, there's a proposal to build a local mega battery storage manufacturing facility, and there are plenty more opportunities to build solar and wind farms in the region.

Five Ways Townsville is Breaking Ground on Renewable Energy

Townsville is the sunniest city on Queensland’s coast. It’s impressive solar and wind resources, and port-side location, make it the ideal region to invest in new clean energy projects and industries. 

No Place Like Home for Mount Emerald Wind Farm Workers

For 14 years, Brenton Gibson worked in the mining industry on a fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) basis.

This paid the bills, but also kept him away from his wife Karina and two small children back at home in Yungaburra in Far North Queensland.

2020 Queensland Election Asks

Queensland has a unique set of natural advantages that could see the state prosper as the world moves towards a low carbon future. Here in the Sunshine State, there’s an abundance of solar and wind resources as well as a wealth of clean energy expertise and innovation.

Using Clean Energy to Create Steel

Australia can utilise its natural renewable energy resources—some of the world's best solar and wind—to create new manufacturing and minerals processing industries. 

Government Inaction Stalling New Clean Energy Projects

Just months ago large-scale clean energy projects were going gangbusters right across Queensland – bringing jobs and billions worth of investment to the regions. But now, Federal energy policy uncertainty has derailed the large-scale clean energy industry, particularly in Queensland. 

Queensland's Potential Clean Energy Jobs Bonanza

We’ve just released an exciting analysis showing a whopping 51,000 construction jobs and almost 2,500 ongoing jobs will be created across Queensland if all the large-scale clean energy projects under development go ahead. That’s a game-changer.

Queensland publicly owned renewables

Unlike other States, most of Queensland’s power stations are still in public hands. This means that the revenue from the power stations goes back to funding schools, hospitals and roads, rather than to private companies.

Queensland: a renewable energy powerhouse

Last year, Solar Citizens ‘Renewable Energy Across the Regions’ report showed just how much jobs and investment were happening in renewables in regional Queensland [1]. In 2018, renewables project amounting to more than 1000MW were built in Queensland, creating over 2000 construction jobs.

Potential Rule Changes for Solar Households

After previous attempts to slap solar households with unfair charges or the “sun tax”, the AEMC has finally come up with a proposal that looks to the future rather than attempting to maintain the status quo. In a recently released review“Integrating Distributed Energy Resources for the Grid of the Future”the AEMC has acknowledged that there is a huge and valuable resource in the amount of rooftop solar DER that Australians have installed.