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Queensland's Potential Clean Energy Jobs Bonanza

We’ve just released an exciting analysis showing a whopping 51,000 construction jobs and almost 2,500 ongoing jobs will be created across Queensland if all the large-scale clean energy projects under development go ahead. That’s a game-changer.

If all the 108 projects turned from plans to reality, it would mean:

  • Over $36 billion worth of investment across Queensland’s regions;
  • Enough electricity yearly to power a staggering 92% of the state’s energy needs;
  • Close to a 30% reduction in Queensland’s yearly emissions. 

Queensland has enormous renewable energy potential that could create thousands of jobs and billions worth of investment in the regions – it is the Sunshine State after all!

But Queensland’s large-scale clean energy industry is at risk. The Federal Government's energy policy paralysis caused the number of new projects reaching financial close to crash from over 1,400MW in 2017 to less than 20MW last year. 

For regional Queensland to benefit from new large-scale clean energy projects, the State Government needs to implement policies to remove the roadblocks. 

The Queensland Government currently has no plan for how they will deliver on their target of 50% renewable energy by 2030, and a recent analysis from Green Energy Markets shows that the Sunshine State will likely only reach 37.5% clean energy if nothing changes. 

For Queenslanders to get a bigger slice of the jobs and investment pie, we need the State Government to step up. Act now by signing our petition.