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The Solar Revolution Briefers #2: Electorates

The Solar Revolution briefers highlight the uptake of solar across the country, by State, Territory and Electorate as of December 2013. Here you can find the uptake of solar in your Electorate!

Please note: if you're looking for solar briefer #1, produced in July of 2013, please go here. And if you're looking for the State or Territory data for the Solar Revolution Briefers #2, please go here.

Solar Citizens Go to Canberra: The results

Parliament Pass

On Monday, 2 December, a group of 21 solar advocates traveled to Canberra to tell politicians: Australians support solar power and we won't stand for any tax on the sun! In total, we had meetings with 36 politicians or their advisers. Here's how it went.

Need more information on the tax on the sun?

Here are some common questions about the tax on the sun.

Don't tax the sun

“Solar-powered households face higher fees to use grid” read the headline in The Australian. “Australia’s one million households with rooftop solar photovoltaic panels face the prospect of higher charges to use the poles and wires that distribute electricity” it went on.

What the Tas solar changes mean for you

On Sunday 18 August, Tasmanian Energy Minister Bryan Green released the government’s decision on the solar feed-in tariff for Tasmania. The government’s policy is good news for existing solar owners. But the announced policies create many problems for the future of the solar industry and are forcing people to make hasty decisions about their future investment in solar.

The Solar Revolution Briefers #1

Our new solar briefers show the number of solar installations, energy generated, power bills saved and much more-for every state and electorate in Australia. Check them out to see how the solar revolution is happening in your community and around Australia!


Check out our ad in the Courier Mail!


Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is trying to discriminate against solar, and blaming solar owners for the recent electricity price hikes. He was set to release his “plan” for solar following an early July Cabinet meeting - but he still hasn't shared any details. We ran this ad in the Courier Mail to keep the pressure on Premier Newman.

Have your say in Tas – opportunity extended

The Electricity Reform Project in the Tasmanian Government has agreed to accept late submissions on the Tasmanian feed-in tariff until next Tuesday. Our Briefing Paper gives you all the information you need to make a submission – short or long. 

A victory for people power

Last Thursday the Tasmanian Energy Minister Bryan Green released an Issues Paper and announced a three week period of public consultation on feed-in tariffs for Tasmania. This is a great victory for people power.

What's happening in Queensland?

Solar programs in Queensland have been through a bit of a wild ride over recent months, but the solar-coaster isn't quite over yet.