Meet the Team - Solar Citizens

Meet the Team

Our supporters and volunteers are the heart of our organisation, and we rely on volunteers for so much of what we do. We also have a small staff who ensure the campaign and organisational objectives as well as essential core functions are met. Let us introduce you to some of the key faces in the organisation:




Heidi Lee Douglas, CEO 

Heidi works from the lands of the Bidjigal and Gadigal Clans of the Eora nation 

Heidi resides with her family on the land of the Gadigal and Bidjigal clans of the Eora Nation, at the edge of Kamay (Botany Bay) on reclaimed swamp land that was once the trading route for clans north and south of Goolay'yari (the Cooks River).

Heidi has more than twenty years of experience working in the intersection between politics, narrative, and social change. She specialises in empowering the voices of others to move the dial and using story medicine to help fix social issues. Heidi has a deep passion for community organising and advocacy and strives to enable others to fulfill their dreams.

Heidi knows that to create outstanding results a leader must nurture a strong and positive team. Her management style is informed by radical candour, creating “a yes and” environment, empowering others to lead while also providing clear directives.

Living in one of the most diverse areas of Sydney, Heidi is constantly reminded of the challenges and opportunities of finding common ground to build bridges and create a better tomorrow. She is deeply values aligned with Solar Citizens focus on helping to fix climate issues by unifying the community to embrace and demand the cost of living benefits that clean energy can provide. Heidi is also a local government councillor for Bayside (NSW).




Rafael Branton, Operations Manager 

Rafael works from the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung people

Rafael lives and works from the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung people in Naarm (Melbourne). With a background in physics and science communication, Rafael has experience in an international solar project, commercial research into technology for monitoring the ecological effects of climate change and most recently co-ordinating a GP-led respiratory clinic helping in the public health response to COVID-19. Now working as Solar Citizen’s Operations Manager, Rafael has keen attention to detail, a warm and friendly disposition and is adept at systematising solutions to operational issues.

With the rapidly growing uptake of solar and Electric Vehicles in Australia, Rafael is wary of the increasing challenge of having policy and infrastructure that can keep up with that evolving landscape. Rafael is confident in Solar Citizen’s ability to navigate and champion the need for equitable policy that can keep up with demand and accelerate our transition to renewable energy whilst ensuring that we don’t leave behind our most vulnerable community members.

Having lived in rental properties their whole life and been lucky enough to have solar in one of those, Rafael understands the huge financial benefits of solar and the difficulty of accessing it as a renter. Rafael hopes to be a part of delivering an Australia powered by clean energy from which everyone can benefit.



Joel Pringle, National Consumer Advocate Campaigner

Joel works from the lands of the Awabakal people

Joel lives and works in Mulubimba (Newcastle) on Awabakal lands. His expertise draws on community development, social policy, advocacy, and political campaigning, and he is adept at applying these skills to grassroots campaigning and mobilisation.

Joel's professional experience includes consumer policy, housing affordability, cost-of-living campaigns, and shifting social norms to address discrimination. He brings this rich background to his new role advocating for clean energy for all consumers, on behalf of Solar Citizens.

Joel sees ensuring fair access to the cost-of-living benefits of renewable technologies as the major driver of climate equity in Australia, and essential to consolidating the successes of climate campaigns. He knows that climate justice and social justice are integrally connected and that renewable technologies should be available to everyone in our communities. He understands that it’s up to Australian communities to get involved in making make this happen, and that organisations such as Solar Citizens and its partners can empower everyday Australians to do this.



Charlie Rodrick, NSW Clean Energy Campaigner

Charlie works from the lands of the Bidjigal and Gadigal Clans of the Eora nation 

Charlie has an academic background in environmental science and sustainable development, and is a self-proclaimed nature enthusiast. Growing up in Birmingham, the UK’s most multi-cultural city, Charlie has since been inspired to pursue a range of international work and study opportunities before settling in Australia.  

She has experience working with diverse communities, from assisting Syrian refugees arriving in the UK, to teaching English in China, to supporting Malawian villages impacted by climate change. On top of this, Charlie is well versed in digital marketing and community fundraising, having managed campaigns on behalf of a number of Australian charities. She is passionate about using her skills and knowledge to advocate for environmental justice in NSW and nationally.

Charlie understands the value of an empowered community in driving positive change, and she is excited to be working as part of the Solar Citizens movement to accelerate Australia’s progress toward achieving net zero.



Roger Scott Wilkins, Clean Energy Policy Director

Roger works from the lands of the Kaurna people

Roger lives and works with his family in the traditional Country of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains, near Glenelg Beach area. He is very proud to call South Australia home where the zero emissions fight has resulted in a “world-leading share” of renewables in their grid.

With more than 30 years of meaningful strategic policy/political roles, Roger is an experienced and passionate communicator. He is a born storyteller who breaks down complicated policies into manageable messages, crafting a public narrative fitting for reform. His depth of experience takes him from activist to industry organising, fundraising, lobbying, and political campaign strategy. It’s in his blood.

The desire to leave behind a better world for his kids is a theme in Roger’s motivation to form a more ethical and sustainable world. He insists his career has been about the needs and capabilities of the human experience. He aligns best with Solar Citizens in that we must educate policymakers to look for the answer in our largest natural powerplant – the Sun! As a solar entrepreneur and policy professional he is passionate about total electrification and looks to the future through solar; its economic success, and the sustainable clean emissions that will result.


State Teams 


Janet, Sunshine Coast Team Coordinator

Janet has been volunteering with Solar Citizens from our inception in 2013 and has been an instrumental part of our Queensland efforts. She is passionate about getting to a future powered by 100% renewable energy and has a background in university administration. 

Janet ensures all the Sunshine Coast team meetings involve delicious food & drinks to accompany their strategic discussions. 


Steering Committee 



Genevieve Kelly, Chair

Genevieve Kelly (formerly Rankin) has a wealth of experience in environmental activism and community organising. In 2004 Genevieve received an AM in the Order of Australia, for service to the community, in particular the areas of conservation and the environment, reconciliation, local government, social justice, and education. Most recently she was project lead for Sydney Alliance Western Sydney University Organising unit. She previously worked as a senior university lecturer at Western Sydney University and as NSW Secretary of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU).

For many years she was a core community campaigner in the campaign against the building of a new Nuclear Reactor at Lucas Heights. Genevieve was an elected member and Mayor of Sutherland Shire Council up until 2004. She was the first Mayor in Australia to give a formal apology for the Aboriginal genocide at the commemoration of Cook’s landing at Kurnell. Genevieve is a mother and grandmother and is passionately committed to Solar Citizen’s vision of 100% renewable energy for Australia.



De Yan Wong, Treasurer
De Yan has ten years of experience in accounting and audit. Her expertise spans diverse industries, including working with listed companies, large corporations, and not-for-profit organisations.
She excels in crafting insightful board report commentaries and is a driving force behind positive changes in finance processes. Her contributions empower her to provide strategic insights that support financial sustainability and success. De Yan's leadership and teamwork skills enable her to collaborate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, fostering unity towards common goals.
De Yan's multicultural upbringing has instilled in her a profound appreciation for diversity and inclusion. She firmly believes that our differences are sources of empowerment, where every voice is not only heard but valued. She places high value on respect and open-mindedness in all her interactions, reflecting her genuine and approachable nature.





Mark Capps

Mark Capps started out as an mechanical engineer, but soon moved onto business. His career has taken him through management consultancy with McKinsey, search giant Google and his own start up. Through this time he has never lost his engineering passion and is excited by the potential solar has to transform our energy generation onto a more sustainable footing. 



Ric Brazzale

Ric Brazzale is Chairman of the Green Energy Group and has more than 30 years’ experience in the energy sector. Prior to establishing the Green Energy Group in 2007, Ric headed the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), now the Clean Energy Council, a leading advocate for renewable energy and energy efficiency markets in Australia. Before this, Ric worked in a number of business development and finance roles with Fletcher Challenge Energy, John Holland and Woodside Petroleum. Ric is also President of the REC Agents Association, President of the Voluntary Carbon Markets Association and a Director of the Energy Savings Industry Association. Ric is also Chair of the National Steering Committee of the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics.





Clara Mazzone
Clara is a renewable energy engineer with over ten years’ experience in project management across Australia, the Pacific and India. Her interest in and work on microgrids, solar hybrid systems and batteries were recognised by Engineers Australia with a High Commendation for Young Professional Engineer of the Year in 2017.
Clara studied environmental and political sciences as well as engineering as a result of her passionate advocacy for sustainability and renewable energy. She recognises the important role of community based organisations like Solar Citizens’ in the national debate on energy.


Ellen Roberts



Ellen Roberts

Ellen has a background in law and has worked in social change and advocacy for over twenty years, and on climate action and energy for ten years. She has worked for unions, universities, community legal centres and NGOs. Most recently she was Solar Citizen's National Director, and prior to that led GetUp's organising work in Queensland, and worked at the Mackay Conservation Group on sustainable development and climate change.

In 2018 she was listed in the Courier Mail’s 100 Most Influential Queenslanders. She currently lives in Brisbane, and indulges in bird watching, writing and drawing in her spare time.

Stephen Pfeiffer



Stephen Pfeiffer

Stephen works on the lands of the Gadigal people

Stephen worked in education for 12 years, first as a high school history and English teacher then later in universities in student services. He has since shifted his career focus, working on developing a climate and environment focused giving and investment strategy, prioritising transformative core-funding to high-impact organisations and businesses delivering climate solutions. Stephen is currently exploring ways of supporting and mentoring others to give and invest more towards the transition to renewable energy. 


Noosheen Mogadam

Noosheen is a lawyer and has practiced in commercial firms, as well as, community legal organisations in Australia. She has also worked in international emergency humanitarian response operations across the middle east, in program management, protection and advocacy roles. Noosheen is passionate about diversity in human rights and environmental movements for amplification of outcomes, and sees grassroots organisations like Solar Citizens as prime influencers in realising sustainable development initiatives locally.