2016 Great Solar Census - Solar Citizens

2016 Great Solar Census

Earlier this year we ran the 2016 Great Solar Census and the results are in! We've put together a sunny infographic with the key results to provide a snapshot of who Solar Citizens are. 

So, what did we learn? 

1. There are more than 83,300 Solar Citizens across Australia and 89% of you live under a solar rooftop. That means Solar Citizens has grown by more than ten thousand people since roughly this time last year - that's huge! And now, even more have you have solar (up from 84% in 2015). 

2. 79% of Solar Citizens are interested in battery storage. We all know batteries are the next big thing, so this isn't surprising. The market for solar and storage is only going to get bigger, especially if power companies keep trying to introduce unfair charges for solar owners.

3. You're saving money on power bills. 89% of Solar Citizens said they are satisfied that their system is saving them money on power bills, in fact, 56% of you have more than halved your annual electricity bill! 

4. Australians love their solar - and want more of it. Almost 100% of survey participants think Australia should invest in big solar projects - and 92% want Australia to transition to 100% renewable power by 2030! To read more about how that's not only possible but will save us money too, check out the Homegrown Power Plan

5. But lack of political will is getting in the way. Nearly all of you think lack of political will is the major barrier to Australia's renewable future. If you want to start changing that, get involved this federal election here