Starting up a Solar Citizens group in Perth

Starting up a Solar Citizens group in Perth


On Tuesday 29th September we held a Perth Volunteer Meeting, as a followup to the Canning by-election, to bring together any Solar Citizens in the area who were interested in starting up a Perth group. Despite some last minute apologies, the meeting went really well! Perth has made it's first steps towards getting a Solar Citizens group up and running.

At the meeting we had Archie, Paul, Vic, Kirston, Nick (from National Office) and myself, all of whom had a passion for Solar. We got to know each other and our motivations, Nick did a presentation about Solar Citizens and answered questions, and then we discussed 2 main things: 1. Engaging with MPs in Perth, and 2. Starting a group in Perth.

Archie was keen that customers of solar should be informed about Solar Citizens and Paul wanted us to interact with other like-minded groups to spread the word on our campaigns. Kirston also wanted solar installers to be more involved in spreading the word. Vic was generous with offers of office space we could use as well as other recourses and offered to host the follow up meeting, so those who couldn’t make this one will be offered another chance.

I think we have the making of a great team with lots of talent. Thank you to Nick for coming over from HQ and giving the presentation about Solar citizens, although we know you came for the Canning by-election, it was good you were here. I look forward to working with you all.

Stef Hayward

P.S. We're having a followup meeting in the evening of 23rd October. Get in touch if you would like to come.

If you are keen to start up a Solar Citizens group in your area, get in touch with the Solar Citizens national office. Also check out the resources for starting a group on the Solar Citizens Volunteer Portal.