The Great Solar Census Results 2015 - Solar Citizens

The results are in: 2015 Great Solar Census


Earlier this year we ran the 2015 Great Solar Census and now the data is in! We've condensed the topline results into a sunny infographic that provides a snapshot of who Solar Citizens are. 

Here are five things we've learned.

1. There are more than 70,000 Solar Citizens across Australia and 84% of you live under a solar rooftop. We're only two years old, and boy have we grown up fast. But with 5 million Australians living under a solar roof we still have a lot of room to expand.

2. You're saving money on power bills. In fact, 60% of solar owners have cut their bills by more than half. You're so happy with your systems that most would upgrade if you could afford it.

3. You think there should be more solar and renewables, but you don't trust policy makers to do the right thing. Like the vast majority of Australians, 99% of you want to see more large and small scale solar and renewables, not less. But here's the kicker - 95% of you believe that policy decisions are made in the interests of fossil fuels and big business, not consumers. 

4. You want to see Solar Citizens take on ambitious campaigns to protect and grow solar. The top four campaign priorities as voted by you are: (1) increased investment in solar and renewables, (2) an end to discriminatory fees for solar owners, (3) a fair feed in tariff and (4) a fair go for solar owners from big power companies.

5. You're making a difference. Solar Citizens love their solar and just can't stop talking about it, in fact 97% of you would recommend solar to friends, family and neighbours. You're also taking action to make social change - 95% of you are more likely to vote for political parties with good, strong solar and renewables policy.

Click here or on the infographic below to download a larger copy.

Solar Census results

Over the past two years Solar Citizens has gone from strength to strength and it's all thanks to the passion and ongoing generosity of our supporters. You can help us protect and grow solar into the future by donating today.