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Solar for Public Housing Needs to be a Supported By All Parties in SA, Solar Owners say

Media Release

04 March 2014

Following today’s announcement that, if re-elected, the South Australia Labor Government would pilot a program to install solar panels in public housing, Solar Citizens, a community voice for current and future solar owners, commends the government - but also asks that the Liberal party make such a commitment.

Solar Owner Group Condemns Renewable Energy Target Review Panel

Media Release

17 February 2014

Greg Hunt’s announcement today of a review of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) sends worrying signals about the government’s commitment to renewable energy, with the chair of the review panel a known sceptic of measures to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, say Solar Citizens, a community voice for solar.

Solar advocates travel to Canberra to tell politicians: Don’t Tax the Sun!

Media Release

02 December 2013

While the conversations about climate are focussed on the carbon price, a group of 20 solar advocates are travelling to Canberra on Monday, 2 December, to send a different message to politicians about energy consumption in Australia - presenting a petition of over 25,000 Australians asking politicians to not tax the sun.

Solar Citizens launches national petition against the sun tax

Media Release

25 October 2013

Today, Solar Citizens, a community campaign advocating for the rights of solar owners and lovers, launched a petition to the Prime Minister, State Premiers and Energy Ministers to tell these politicians - don’t tax the sun!

People Power Lights Up WA: Solar Citizens Celebrate Solar Victory

Media Release

12 August 2013

The Barnett Government’s announcement to reverse its decision to slash the solar feed-in tariff is a victory for people power, and will be met by widespread celebration by solar owners throughout WA, Solar Citizens, a national organisation advocating for solar owners, says.

Barnett's Big Solar Betrayal

Media Release

08 August 2013

The Western Australian State Government’s decision to slash the solar feed-in tariff rate by half is a complete betrayal of 75,000 West Australian households, say Solar Citizens, a community organisation advocating for the rights of current and future solar owners.

Solar Users Put Heat on Queensland Government for Solar Discrimination

Media Release

31 May 2013

Following the Queensland Competition Authority’s announcement that the cost of electricity in Queensland is set to rise by over 20%, Solar Citizens, an advocacy group representing current and future solar users, has written to Queensland’s Premier Campbell Newman and Mark McArdle, Minister for Energy and Water Supply.

McArdle misleads Queenslanders on the true cost of power hikes

Media Release

31 May 2013

Solar Citizens, an advocacy group representing current and future solar users, is today refuting Queensland Energy Minister Mark McArdle’s assertions that the cost of solar is the reason for increasing electricity costs in Queensland.

Dr Geoff Evans, Campaign Manager for Solar Citizens, says that McArdle’s statement today blaming solar homes for network costs was unfair and misleading.

New consumer rights group to protect home solar owners

Media Release

31 May 2013

A national consumer rights group - Solar Citizens - is launching today to ensure the interests of solar owners are protected from changes to laws and policies by power companies and governments.

Solar Citizens will use the latest online technology to bring together existing and would-be solar owners, helping them to advocate for their rights as energy investors and push for panels on every Australian rooftop.