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SA businesses demand Federal government keep Renewables Target

127 solar businesses have signed a letter calling on the Federal Government to back jobs and investment in the solar industry by maintaining the Renewable Energy Target.

Labor commitment to RET good first step but return to bipartisan support needed

Both major political parties should keep their pre-election promises to maintain the Renewable Energy Target says solar consumer advocacy group Solar Citizens.

96% support keeping Renewable Energy Target strong new survey finds

96% of Queenslanders want the Renewable Energy Target increased or kept steady according to a Solar Citizens poll presented to PUP Senator Glenn Lazarus by his constituents today.

Spontaneous voter revolt against government RET threat spooks MPs

Spontaneous campaigns have emerged against Coalition Members of Parliament calling on them to abandon plans to cut the Renewable Energy Target, resulting in strong pressure on senior government members and backbenchers alike.

Hundreds of solar businesses demand government keeps RET

Media Release

04 September 2014

Close to 500 solar businesses representing 3,700 employees have signed a letter calling on the Federal Government to back jobs and investment in the solar industry by maintaining the Renewable Energy Target.

The joint industry letter, coordinated by Solar Citizens and the Australian Solar Council and signed by 470 businesses, was accepted by Palmer United Party Senate Leader Senator Glenn Lazarus at Parliament House today.

Australians want more solar and renewables says new poll

Media Release

01 September 2014

A new poll has found that that 70 per cent of Australians want more emphasis put on solar power generation. 

The poll conducted by Essential Research also shows that people think renewables are the best form of power generation when it comes to the economy, jobs and the cost of power.

Australians urge Government to reject changes to RET

Media Release

28 August 2014

The Warburton Renewable Energy Target Review’s recommendations to effectively axe the Target has been called farcical today by solar advocacy group Solar Citizens, who say it is well out of step with the vast majority of community members who want more solar energy.

Community reacts to government out of touch on solar energy

Media release

18 August 2014

Thousands of community members will gather across Australia this week to send a message to key senators and the government that they need to stand up to the big power companies and secure the future of the Renewable Energy Target.

Solar users condemn RET review ‘anti-solar panel’, submit 5200 copies of 2012 Report

Media Release

20 May 2014

Individual Solar Citizens have sent more than 5,200 copies of the 2012 Climate Change Authority’s review of the Renewable Energy Target to the new review panel, to highlight the unnecessary and wasteful nature of the latest review.

Newman decision puts QLD solar families at mercy of energy retailers, Solar Owners Say

Media Release

06 March 2014

Solar Citizens, a community voice for current and future solar owners, condemns the Newman Government’s decision to kill the 8 cent feed-in tariff, which will hurt the 40,000 families and jeapordise the growth of Queensland solar.