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Electric Ute Roadshow Blog

Recharging Bendigo

The Bendigo sign with historic buildings of Pall Mall in the background

Arriving in Bendigo the night before our event, we were greeted by a cool clear evening, which allowed us to check out a few of the beautiful historic buildings in Pall Mall - but unfortunately by the morning our luck had run out, and we woke up to a very wet and grey day. Thankfully we'd brought a marquee to keep us dry as we waited at the Old Post Office Gallery for people to arrive.

North Sydney Clean Energy Fair

On a rainy Sunday morning, our electric ute made it the furthest north it had been (but absolutely not the furthest it will go, by far!) to North Sydney


Recharging Canberra

The blue & yellow Solar Citizens electric ute is parked on the green grass in front of Parliament House. A blue sky is above.

A bright and early start on Ngunnawal and Ngambri country, we rendezvoused with our media team, Josh and Che from DCS Video. While these two legends set up cameras and microphones inside the ute, the rest of us game-planned the day—it was going to be a big one. 

And as we drove up the Hill, a strange thought popped into my mind: is this the first time you've been to Parliament House since your Grade 5 school trip? I think it is.

The Road to the Capital

The second leg of the Roadshow took us to Canberra, to show the electric ute off to some federal politicians. We left Melbourne on a warm Sunday morning with a full battery, a playlist lined up, and a ribbon of tarmac in front of us. 

The Shepparton Trip

My phone went off with a buzz buzz, a message from Ben – he was here. With the tray of our shining blue LDV eT60 loaded up, we were ready to set off on our journey, a trip to the regional centre of Shepparton. “Do you want to drive this first bit?” asked Ben. “Absolutely,” I grinned in response.

Recharging Ballarat Wrap

And we're off! 

Electric Ute Roadshow Kicks Off Soon!

The Electric Ute Roadshow will kick off soon! Check back here for updates.