NSW Government sensibly moves on a fairer price for solar - Solar Citizens

NSW Government sensibly moves on a fairer price for solar

The NSW Government is to be congratulated for moving to recognise a fairer price for solar for NSW solar owners, according to Solar Citizens, who have just received notice of the proposed changes

“Solar Citizens recognises the efforts of the Minister here for this excellent progress towards a fairer price for NSW solar owners,” said Shani Tager, Senior Campaigner, Solar Citizens.

“Following shortly after the Victorian Government announcement, we have another government actually listening to the concerns of solar households - this is a win for solar owners across the state.

“The proposed ‘doubling of benchmark range’ could see 360,000 solar owners getting a better price for their solar, that’s a great outcome.

“These recommended increases to the tariff better reflect the increased wholesale price of electricity and demonstrates the widespread benefits to the network as a whole that solar provides,” she said.

“We call on power companies operating in NSW to commit to implement the new tariffs from 1 July 2017 as recommended by IPART."

Governments of all political persuasions and at all levels, need to understand that it is critical that a fair price for solar producers is mandated,” Ms Tager said.

A fairer feed-in tariff needs to become law to truly recognise the value solar provides in reducing pressure on the grid and helping the environment, benefitting all electricity consumers, whether they have solar or not.

“We are determined to see every Australian solar owner get a fair price for their solar – right across the country and will push for this increase to become legally binding,” Ms Tager said.

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