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Electric Ute Roadshow

The Electric Ute Roadshow is a community campaign to unlock the benefits of affordable electric vehicles for the regions.

Regional Australians shouldn’t have to pay the price at the petrol pump and miss out on the opportunities of electric vehicles while the cities speed ahead.

The Electric Ute Roadshow is highlighting how sensible transport policies being decided on in parliament right now like Fuel Efficiency Standards will give people the choice of more efficient, affordable and diverse vehicles that are suitable for the regions – including the much-loved Aussie tradition of utes.

By touring an electric ute around Australia, our community campaign is allowing regional communities and MPs see first-hand the many cost-saving benefits that electric vehicles can bring to the regions.         


Media inquiries: Ben Lever, Clean Transport Campaigner [email protected] 




Photo highlights from the Roadshow

Electric Ute Roadshow Highlights