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Scott Morrison dodges the blame on renewable jobs crash

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison claimed on ABC radio this morning that Australia was leading the world on renewable energy investment. This is plainly untrue, as investment in new utility scale projects crashed last year.

"Prime Minister Scott Morrison is trying to cover up the fact that he has no policy for ensuring renewable energy growth, and this policy vacuum is responsible for the crash in investment," said Ellen Roberts, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

"In Queensland the number of utility renewable energy construction jobs is set to fall to zero in 2020 if State and Federal Governments don’t step up ambition on renewable energy growth, research commissioned by Solar Citizens shows. 

"The national Renewable Energy Target fuelled a renewable energy boom in Queensland over the last three years, creating thousands of jobs and giving Queenslanders affordable electricity. 

"But the RET has now been fully subscribed, and without the right policies to jump-start renewable energy project construction, the jobs and economic activity will completely collapse."


About Solar Citizens: Solar Citizens is an independent, community-based organisation working to protect and grow renewable energy in Australia. We represent the millions of Australians that have rooftop solar, and all Australians that support the transition to clean renewable energy.

Ellen Roberts (Solar Citizens): 0408583694

3,000 QLD Construction Jobs Set to Disappear

The number of utility renewable energy construction jobs in Queensland is set to fall to zero next year if the Queensland Government doesn’t step up ambition on renewable energy growth, new analysis commissioned by Solar Citizens shows. 

The analysis, carried out by Green Energy Markets, shows that at the beginning of this year close to 3,000 construction jobs were created from new large-scale renewable projects.

But a staggering drop in large-scale renewable investment across 2019 will see the jobs dry up completely by April.

In Queensland the amount of new renewable generation commissioned has dropped from over 1,400MW two years ago to less than 20MW this year, largely due to the end of the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET).

“The RET has fuelled a renewable energy boom in Queensland over the last three years, creating thousands of jobs and giving Queenslanders affordable electricity,” said Ellen Roberts, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

“But the RET has now been fully subscribed, and without the right policies to jump-start renewable energy project construction, the jobs and economic activity will completely collapse.

“But it doesn’t have to be this way. The solutions needed will not only keep Queenslanders employed in good jobs, they will also increase the amount of affordable, clean electricity in our Sunshine State and lay the groundwork for a strong, low-carbon economy,” said Roberts.

The Solar Citizens says the Queensland Government can protect renewable energy jobs by:

  • Accelerating delivery of Queensland’s Renewables 400 reverse auction programme, and bringing forward CleanCo’s 1,000MW target from 2025 to 2020 

  • Committing to support the construction of 1-2GW per year of new renewable energy generation capacity through to 2025.

  • Planning for a mix of public and privately owned clean energy power stations. 

“The Federal Government’s track record on transitioning the economy, and workers, to renewable energy has been pretty hopeless, but the Queensland State Government can stop this looming disaster,” said Roberts. 

“Accelerating and raising the ambition of Queensland’s renewable energy sector will be good for workers, residents, and the planet—it’s a win-win situation and a no-brainer for the Queensland Government,” said Roberts.

An earlier report from Green Energy Markets found that Queensland is not on track to meet its 50 per cent by 2030 renewable energy target, projecting the Sunshine State will only reach 30 per cent. 


Ellen Roberts (Solar Citizens): 0408583694

Queensland Needs to Match NSW on Climate and Clean Energy

This morning NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean has announced his government’s commitment to tackling climate emissions, and making NSW a 'Saudi Arabia' of clean energy.

"NSW now has a stronger emissions target than Queensland, and are surging ahead in their support for renewable energy. It’s time for Queensland to step up," said Solar Citizens' National Director, Ellen Roberts.

"Queensland had seen a renewables boom over the last few years, but there has been a massive drop off of new projects commissioned this year. 

"The Queensland government needs to step in and support the development of Queensland’s world class renewable resources. 

"Unfortunately Queensland is not on track to meet our 50% by 2030 renewable energy target. Queensland has some of the best solar resources in the country, and we should make sure it's part of the race to the top on clean energy."

Media contact: Ellen Roberts 0408 583 694

Western Sydney Community Power Hub to Deliver Renewable Solutions Under Labor

Friday 10 May 2019: Solar Citizens today welcomes federal Labor’s announcement that they’ll support a Community Power Hub in Western Sydney to help diverse communities access renewable energy solutions in a bid to deal with energy stress.

“It’s so great to see that Western Sydney’s diverse communities will be able to access energy information in their own language and from a trusted source,” said Joseph Scales, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

“The hub will also be instrumental in getting community renewable energy projects off the ground, so that everyone has a chance to access clean, affordable energy.

“At the moment, a large proportion of Western Sydney residents face barriers to slashing their bills with rooftop solar because they live in rental properties or apartment blocks.

“Community energy projects, like solar gardens, allow members of the community to participate in the energy transition and see the cost-cutting benefits for themselves.”

In the lead up to the federal election, Solar Citizens is calling on all sides of politics to commit to initiatives to help everyone access clean and affordable renewable energy.

The Western Sydney Community Power Hub, championed by the Voices for Power campaign from the Sydney Alliance which includes Solar Citizens as a member group, is an exciting step in the right direction. Although, Solar Citizens is calling on all sides of politics to go further by mandating solar on all new homes and assisting 500,000 renters access solar.


Media contact: Stephanie 0425543006

SA and Federal Governments’ power credibility relies on Aurora power station

Friday, 5 April: Solar Citizens National Director Joseph Scales today said that with no future plans for coal fired power projects in South Australia, the State Government had to make sure the Aurora Solar Thermal Power Station succeeds.

“The Government can either fix this problem and get on the solar bus or watch power prices go through the roof on their watch,” said Mr Scales.

“The State and Federal Governments can’t wipe their hands of this, their credibility on power prices is attached to this project – it is simply too big to fail.

“Large scale solar generators like this one are absolutely central to the inevitable transition to provide firm renewable energy.

“This project is a beacon of light for Port Augusta and the whole community because it shows what is possible when people are proactive about the current energy sector transition.

“It gives a community which has relied on coal for generations a new and exciting future, beyond the traditional industries of the town, but aligned so that the jobs can go to the people that need them.”

His comments followed the announcement by the first-choice developer of the project to withdraw – a devastating blow to the local community and the whole state.

“The impact on Port Augusta will be huge but this project is bigger than Port Augusta – it’s about getting together to generate the kind of investments South Australia needs for the future in terms of jobs, innovation and electricity prices.”

The Port Augusta project promises to deliver 650 construction jobs and 50 permanent jobs once completed, as well as work flowing to local businesses.

“This project developer was only one of a number of interested parties, so there are others out there and that should be the starting place for an alternative developer.

“We’re calling for the State Government to immediately release an expression of interest to the market to identify alternative project proponents.

“Port Augusta and South Australians need the State and Federal Governments to act – this project is simply too important to South Australia’s energy future to fail.”

Media contact: Tim O’Halloran 0409 059 617

Consumers Win in ALP Energy Package

Monday, 1 April: Solar Citizens today applauds elements of Federal Labor’s Climate Change Action Plan, although says greater renewable ambition will benefit all Australians.

“There are some really positive policy commitments that will benefit consumers in this package,” said Joseph Scales, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

“Providing rebates for 100,000 households to get battery storage is a smart policy that will help households get their power bills down close to zero, while also helping secure the grid.

“A target of 50% new electric vehicle sales by 2030 will give this industry a boost and make it more achievable for households to charge their cars pollution-free straight from renewables.

“And the establishment of a Neighbourhood Renewables Program is another great initiative to help all Australian households access clean and affordable renewable energy. This is an important step that will help make our broken electricity system fair for all consumers.”

While Labor’s target of 50% renewable energy by 2030 will assist the renewables boom to continue to boost jobs and investment following the end of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) in 2020, more ambition would better position Australia as a global leader and renewable superpower.

“A further $10 billion in funding for the CEFC, with a focus on expanding Australia’s hydrogen industry, will set Australia up to export our extensive renewable resources to neighbouring countries,” said Mr Scales.

“But Federal Labor could aim higher so Australia is on the front foot and gets a bigger slice of the clean energy jobs and investment pie.

“Just last year, our Renewable Energy Across Queensland’s Regions report found that if all the renewable projects in the planning and construction pipeline went ahead, Queensland could be powered by 90% clean energy.

“There’s an appetite in the renewable energy industry – and the community. We can absolutely go further.”

This federal election, Solar Citizens is calling on all sides of politics to keep the renewables boom going in the next term of government by committing to:

  1. Mandate solar on all new homes;

  2. A 5GW renewable storage target by 2025, including a rebate for 100,000 households to install batteries;

  3. Solar for 500,000 renters.


Media contact: Stephanie 0425543006


Apartment Dwellers Enter NSW Election Solar Race

Monday, 18 March: Community group Solar Citizens says the solar energy race between the major NSW parties is now in full swing, with the NSW Government today announcing their plan to change strata laws to make solar more accessible for people living in apartments.

“The NSW Liberals proposal to change strata laws to make it easier for apartment dwellers to get rooftop solar is a sensible first step to address this complex issue,” says Joseph Scales, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

“We estimate there is up to 4GW of solar capacity available on Australia’s apartments alone, so we should be doing everything we can to unlock this potential mega clean energy power plant.”

In the lead up to this year’s NSW election, Solar Citizens has been calling on all major parties to commit to implementing policies that will allow more residents to access low-cost solar and transform NSW from a laggard to a renewable powerhouse.

“This policy however is only a tiny piece of what is needed – the NSW Liberal National Government has been good on rhetoric about renewable energy, but their policy initiatives don’t amount to enough,” said Mr Scales.

“We are concerned that after eight years of government with little progress, the Liberal National parties still don’t have a major climate and energy reform package.”

Solar Citizens says the Labor Opposition has announced a more comprehensive renewables package, including, rooftop solar subsidies for 500,000 homes, 4GW of large-scale renewable generation in the first term of government, and solar for over 350 schools.

“Labor, however, has yet to provide policy pathways to support renters or apartment dwellers to access solar. We call on Labor to match this strata reform commitment,” said Mr Scales.

“We also call on all parties to adopt a policy to enable renters to access solar, so that all Australians, no matter their living situations, can tackle spiralling electricity bills with clean and affordable renewable technology.”


Media contact: Stephanie 0425543006

Labor‘s challenge to the Liberals to propel NSW into a renewable future

Thursday, 28 February: Solar Citizens today welcomes NSW Labor's at least 50 per cent renewable by 2030 target as a big leap forward for the state.

"Labor’s target to propel the responsible transition to renewables with storage will reposition NSW as a world-class, forward thinking state," said Joseph Scales, Solar Citizens' National Director.

"With an upgrade to smart, renewable technology, NSW can have it all: cheap, affordable and reliable energy.

"NSW voters are calling out for all sides of politics to prepare for the future, but we're still yet to see more than hot air from the Liberal National parties. Currently, the NSW Government has no renewable target to act as a replacement for the national large-scale RET when it ends in 2020.

“Transitioning NSW to clean energy would unlock more than 20,000 full-time jobs and billions of dollars worth of investment,” said Mr Scales.

“The state’s tired coal clunkers will soon be reaching the end of their lives, so we can’t afford to sit on our hands. All parties need to plan for the responsible and inevitable transition.”

This election, Solar Citizens are calling for policies which will enable more New South Wales residents to power their lives with renewables. The campaign has seen some success with all major parties having announced policies for the expansion of residential solar pv; and Labor adopting a plan to see 9GW of new renewable generation installed across the state over a decade.

Media contact: Stephanie Gray 0425543006

Labor’s Plan a Massive Kickstart for Renewables in NSW

Monday 18 February: Solar Citizens today applauds NSW Labor’s announcement to commit to 9GW of new renewable energy generation over the next 10 years. The commitment includes 2GW of rooftop solar, 6GW of reverse auctions and 1 GW of state-owned renewables generation.

“Commitments like this are what’s needed to turn NSW from a laggard to clean energy powerhouse,” said Joseph Scales, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

“Increasing NSW’s large-scale renewable generation by 7GW will mean close to 40% of the state’s current electricity demand could be met by clean, renewable energy.”

Compared to other states and territories, NSW is currently trailing behind the pack when it comes to transitioning to renewable energy. The percentage of renewable energy in NSW is less than half that of Tasmania, the ACT and South Australia – sitting at just over 12%.

“As we get closer to the NSW election the Berejiklian Government has started talking big about renewables, even calling on other states to “lift their game” on energy policy, but over the last eight years we’ve seen more hot air than action,” said Mr Scales.

“It’s time for the NSW Government to walk the walk, so that the state can make the most of its potential for clean energy jobs and investment.

“NSW Labor has taken the first step and shown their hand, now it’s up to the LNP to raise the stakes so that investors can start making the most of NSW’s abundant sun and wind resources.”

Solar Citizens has been calling on all political parties to commit to 4000MW of new large-scale renewable and storage capacity over the next term of government. Labor’s policy announcement today includes an aim to meet this target.


Media contact: Stephanie 0425543006

Government’s solar plan ‘better than nothing’

10 February, 2019: Solar Citizens today said the NSW Government’s commitment to provide interest free loans to help households adopt rooftop solar was better than the policy shortfall we’ve had until now but fell short of consumer expectations and potentially duplicates existing financing options.

Solar Citizens Director Joseph Scales said NSW households preferred grants over loans and Labor’s policy announced yesterday was a better way to support people to take up solar and tackle high energy prices.

“We know people prefer grants over loans because they are a more effective way of helping households – particularly for people on low incomes who struggle with the upfront investment,” said Mr Scales.

“In fact, there are already commercial providers out there who offer low or no-interest loans for solar installation, so we’re not sure this policy adds much value as a policy on its own, without other targeted measures.

“There is a role for no interest loans, but only as part of a wider suite of policy measures to encourage solar uptake.

“But the positive thing is that we’re having a discussion about how to encourage solar uptake, not whether to do so.”

Mr Scales said there is around 15GW of potential rooftop solar capacity on NSW houses.

“We can massively increase energy supply simply by empowering people to generate their own electricity.

Mr Scales said there was also now clear evidence that rooftop solar not only drives down power bills for solar-homes, but also cuts the price of power for everyone else.

“An increasing amount of power is exported to the grid by solar households, which is a cheap source of power that can be provided to others.”

Media contact: Tim O’Halloran 0409 059 617