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Solar Scorecard reveals widening gulf between major parties on renewable energy

Community group Solar Citizens today released a Solar Scorecard for the Queensland Election, showing the widening gulf between the major parties when it comes to renewable energy.

“Labor’s announcement yesterday of support for 1000 MW of new renewable energy in Queensland, and a publicly owned Clean Co generator puts them streets ahead of the LNP which is committed to building a new coal fired power station” said Solar Citizens Queensland campaigner Louise Matthiesson.

This election, Solar Citizens is calling on all political parties to move towards 100% clean energy by committing to three key policies:


“To give voters the facts, we’ve assessed the party’s policies in detail, and it’s clear that this election Queenslanders have a very important choice to make about our energy future.

“One party will take concrete steps toward a target of at least 50% renewable energy by 2030, while the other will scrap the target altogether.”

“Labor’s promises to make it easier for low income households, schools and remote communities to go solar have also not been matched by the Qld LNP.

“Over 450,000 Queensland households have put solar on their roof to generate clean power and take back control of their bills. Now it’s time for political leaders of all stripes to follow their lead.”

“The Queensland Greens policies provide the most comprehensive commitments to a renewable energy future for Queensland, while other minor parties One Nation and Katter’s Australia Party lag well behind.”

“The Greens are the only party promising to legislate an ambitious renewable energy target, support community energy projects and provide a truly fair feed-in-tariff for solar households” she concluded.

For comment contact:
Louise Matthiesson, Queensland Campaigner    ph. 0406 041 428

Further details on our election policy priorities, and how the parties scored can be downloaded from our website. The scores will be updated if further policies are announced.

Renewables not coal will deliver cheap, clean energy

The Queensland LNP should back renewable energy, not an expensive polluting new coal power station, if the Party really wants to drive down energy prices, says community group Solar Citizens.

LNP Leader Tim Nicholls today announced plans that he claims will reduce power prices, including scrapping Queensland’s 50% renewable energy target.

“The Queensland LNP is misleading Queenslanders by claiming that renewable energy will drive up power prices, while hiding the real cost of its proposed new coal power plant” said Solar Citizens Queensland Campaigner Louise Matthiesson.

“The LNP’s promise to build a new coal fired power station is simply not viable without major government subsidies.”

“It’s time Tim Nicholls came clean on how much this polluting new power plant will cost Queensland taxpayers”.

“If Mr Nicholls really wants to help families with high power bills, he should help more Queenslanders go solar, and harvest free energy from the sun” said Ms Matthiesson.

“500,000 plus Queensland households can’t be wrong - rooftop solar is the only guaranteed way to lower your power bill.

“All Queenslanders deserve cheap, clean, reliable electricity and renewable energy can deliver on all three fronts.”

Imaginary cost savings won’t cut bills

According to media reports, LNP Leader Tim Nicholls claims that after 2020 his government would save consumers $200 a year by “getting rid of the renewable energy target” [1].

This estimate appears to rely on an outdated and inaccurate analysis of a possible future federal Emissions Intensity Scheme, that assumes a carbon price of $69 in 2020 [2].

“Mr Nicholls seems to be promising to cut non-existent subsidies and deliver imaginary power price cuts” said Ms Matthiesson.

“Instead of scapegoating renewable energy, Mr Nicholls needs to develop a solid plan to transition Queensland’s electricity system to 100% clean, affordable renewable energy” she concluded.


For comment contact: Louise Matthiesson ph. 0406 041 428


[1] The Australian 4th Nov 2017

[2] AAP report Oct 24 2017

Queensland doesn’t need an expensive, dirty new coal power plant

1 November: There’s no need to waste Queenslanders’ money on dirty coal-fired power stations says community group Solar Citizens.

“The Sunshine State is in the middle of a big solar boom, with 20 renewable projects planned or under way -- there’s simply no need for a new coal-fired power station,” said Louise Matthiesson, Queensland Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

“Tim Nicholls and the LNP need to come clean on their dirty plans and why they’re suggesting taking 7 years and spending billions of dollars on old, polluting technology that’s far more expensive as getting power from the wind and the sun.

Experts say electricity from a new coal fired power station would cost $135 per megawatt hour (MWh) while new solar plants can generate electricity for around $80 MWh [1].

“There’s a clear choice -- clean, cheap power from the wind and the sun or sticking Queenslanders with the bill for dirty, expensive electricity for decades to come.

“500,000 Queenslanders have already voted with their rooftops by installing solar and know that it’s the only guaranteed way to take back control of your power bill while generating clean energy.

“We’re calling on the next state government to make Queensland the Sun-Powered State,” says Ms Matthiesson.


For comment contact:  Louise Matthiesson, Solar Citizens Queensland Campaigner. Ph. 0406 041 428

[1] Sources: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Report Feb 2017 ; ABC News Feb 2017 Electricity prices could double with new coal-fired stations, energy experts say ; Aust Financial Review July 2017 ‘ Don't buy the Minerals Council costings of coal power

Queensland's choice: a clean energy future or expensive, polluting coal-fired power?

Let’s put renewables first says community group Solar Citizens. 

“Voters in the sunshine state are set to make a crucial choice - to take Queensland into a clean energy future, or get stuck in the past with expensive, polluting coal-fired power,” said Louise Matthiesson, Queensland Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

“Queenslanders lead the world when it comes to rooftop solar, with over 35% of houses harvesting clean power from the sun, now it’s time for all political parties to follow their lead.

“The sunshine state is in the middle of a big-solar boom, with 20 large solar and wind farms being built this year.

“Renewable energy is already creating thousands of construction jobs, bringing investment to regional Queensland, and will provide long-term sustainable employment for hundreds of workers.

“A new coal-fired power station would put our state’s renewable future under threat, cost billions of dollars in taxpayer money and saddle Queenslanders with higher power bills for decades to come.

This election, Solar Citizens volunteers will be out in communities across the state rallying public support to convince all political parties to commit to three key policies to provide reliable, affordable, clean energy for all Queenslanders:

1. Set a strong renewable energy target

Legislate a renewable energy target to ensure that, by 2030, at least 50% of the electricity generated in Queensland comes from solar, wind and other renewables.

2. Build big solar - not new coal

Renewable energy is now the cheapest, cleanest source of electricity. The next state government should support new large-scale solar and wind farms and rule out an expensive, polluting new coal fired power station.

3. Help more Queenslanders go solar

To meet the target of one million solar rooftops by 2020, the next Queensland government must  guarantee a fair price for the electricity that solar households feed into the grid and remove the roadblocks for low-income earners, businesses and communities who want to go solar.

“All Queenslanders deserve cheap, clean, reliable electricity and renewable energy can deliver on all three fronts - it’s a win, win, win situation,” said Ms Matthiesson.

For comment contact: Louise Matthiesson Queensland Campaigner, Solar Citizens    ph. 0406 041 428

Government owned non-profit retailer could lower bills & provide access to clean energy for vulnerable South Australians

A government owned, public interest retailer could be a solution to lowering power bills for people on low-incomes currently locked out of accessing clean energy Solar Citizens says. The retailer, dubbed ‘PowerAccess’, would operate on a not for profit basis and act as an energy services company to supply electricity and other energy services such as energy efficiency upgrades and solar PV to people on low-incomes across South Australia.

The recommendation comes from the upcoming Repowering South Australia report written for Solar Citizens by Founding Director of the Community Power Agency Nicky Ison.

“For too long, people on low incomes have been locked out of the transition to clean energy. Establishing a publicly owned, non-profit retailer would give the South Australian Government the means to support the people who are struggling to pay their energy bills with affordable and clean electricity,” Ison said.

Ison suggests the retailer could become the default retailer for people in public housing and could eventually service customers currently on concession schemes.

“Making a publicly owned retailer the default for public housing tenants could support tenants to access solar and storage unlocking potential innovations like a virtual power plant on public housing,” Ison said.

The policy is based on a similar model operating in Scotland and set to expand following a recent announcement from the Scottish First Minister. Mark Henley, Advocacy and Communications Manager at Uniting Communities has welcomed the proposal.

“Too often in the energy debate, the most vulnerable South Australians are ignored even though they are the most harshly affected by increasing power bills. A dedicated non-profit retailer operating in the public interest could help correct this. Similar models are operating and being expanded in Scotland and doing this in South Australia could unlock cheaper and clean power for those who are currently missing out,” Mark Henley, Uniting Communities said.

Solar Citizens plans to make the establishment of a publicly owned retailer a key ask of politicians ahead of the March 2018 South Australian election.

“It’s clear the current private retail market is ripping off South Australians and it’s hurting the people who can’t afford it the most. A public interest retailer is a sensible idea to lower bills while providing clean power for vulnerable South Australians,” Dan Spencer South Australian Campaigner with Solar Citizens said.

“Establishing a publicly owned, public interest retailer builds on the State Government’s existing trial of solar on public housing and a bulk electricity buy for people on energy concessions and the Opposition’s move to scrap retail exit fees. It’s time to put electricity services back in the public interest and make sure everyone can access the benefits of cheap, renewable energy,” Mr Spencer said.

A briefing note on PowerAccess can be read here.

For media inquiries:

Dan Spencer 0423 865 632
Mark Henley 0404 067 011
Nicky Ison 0402 034 580

Solar Citizens is an independent, community-based organisation bringing together millions of solar owners and supporters to grow and protect solar in Australia. Together, we take action to protect the rights of millions of Australians with solar to cut bills, create clean power and take energy generation back into our own hands.


Welcome boost will help more Queenslanders power their lives with cheap clean energy

Solar Citizens today welcomed the Queensland Government’s announcement of interest free loans for solar and battery systems.

“A home solar system will pay for itself over time through lower power bills, but for many people it’s hard to find the money to cover the upfront cost” said Solar Citizens’ Queensland Campaigner Louise Matthiesson.

“This policy will remove the roadblocks for thousands more Queenslanders to go solar, create jobs in the solar industry, and help tackle climate change at the same time – it’s a win-win-win for Queensland”

“Interest free loans for home-battery energy storage systems will be a great boost to this new industry in Queensland.

Solar Citizens also backed the trial of incentives for landlords to install solar on 1000 rental properties, cutting bills for tenants.

“Renters are often locked out of the solar boom and stuck paying high power bills. This trial will show how by working together landlords and renters can both benefit from switching to renewable energy.

“All Queenslanders will benefit from these policies, not just the households that directly take part.

“As more homes install batteries and use their stored solar power at night, that helps smooth out peaks in demand, which reduces pressure and costs on the state’s electricity grid.

“Supporting more Queenslanders to go solar brings down electricity prices for everyone by reducing demand for more expensive forms of electricity like coal and gas."


For comment contact:
Louise Matthiesson, Solar Citizens Queensland Campaigner 0406 041 428

Rule out restrictions on rooftop solar

Solar Citizens has called on the Turnbull Government to ensure that rooftop solar will not be curtailed.

“Households and small businesses across Australia need a guarantee from the Turnbull Government that they will be able to install solar to take back control of their power bills and generate clean energy,” said Shani Tager, Senior Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

“Today’s reports that rooftop solar would have to be slowed down to stay below the targeted 24% wind and solar in the National Energy Guarantee are very concerning.

“The Renewable Energy Target has supported 1.7 million Australian households and small businesses to go solar and that support needs to continue.

“Rooftop solar is the only guaranteed way to lower your power bills and we need solar on more roofs, not backwards steps like these.

“The NEG is worse than business as usual, moves like this will slam the breaks on renewable investment and lock Australian households out of the benefits of clean energy.

“Solar benefits the whole community by delivering cheap, clean energy that puts downward pressure on power prices for everyone,” said Ms Tager.

A report released this week by Solar Citizens showed that in one year NSW rooftop solar cut wholesale power prices by $2.2-$3.3 billion, saving all energy consumers money.

For media inquiries: Shani Tager, 0432 050 809

Turnbull Government lost in the dark on energy policy

The Turnbull Government abandoning a renewable energy policy is deeply concerning and means states will have to fill the leadership vacuum for new, cheap and clean renewables with storage says Solar Citizens.

“Australians want policies that deliver clean, renewable and affordable energy and the Federal Government is failing to deliver,” said Maria Cirillo, Acting National Director of Solar Citizens.

“Walking away from a national plan for clean, renewable energy will mean that some Australians will suffer Summer more harshly than others, it will push up power prices and it will be bad news for clean energy jobs in regional communities,

“The Turnbull Government is more interested in playing politics when what we need Is more renewables and more storage.

“Over  1.7million Australian households and businesses with solar on their roof know that more investment in renewables is the key to more affordable, accessible power.

Analysis commissioned by Solar Citizens shows that in one year, rooftop solar in NSW cut $2.2 to $3.3 billion off the wholesale price of electricity, saving all energy consumers money.

“Solar and wind with storage is the cheapest form of new electricity generation, the Turnbull Government needs to stop propping up old, polluting sources of energy.

“State and Territory Governments are stepping up and getting on with the job but we still need a national plan that gets us to 100% renewable energy as quickly as possible,” said Ms Cirillo.

The National Energy Guarantee could lead to 28-36% renewables by 2030. Solar Citizens with GetUp! jointly commissioned the Homegrown Power Plan which puts forward policies to transition Australia to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

New Report: Lowering power prices - renewables are the answer

A new report, commissioned by Solar Citizens, has found that small solar pv systems in NSW saved energy consumers between $2.2 and $3.3 billion in the last year. 

“This report is further proof that solar benefits the whole community by delivering cheap, clean energy that puts downward pressure on power prices for everyone,” said Shani Tager, Senior Solar Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

“It’s clear as day - the more solar on roofs, the cheaper power is for everyone. This shoots an enormous hole in the Federal Government’s ongoing rubbishing of renewable energy.

“It’s disappointing that the Federal Government has been more interested in political point scoring than actually lowering power prices when rooftop solar is the simple solution and has already been embraced by 1.7million Australian households and businesses.  

“Rooftop solar has always been the best way for individual households to take control of their power bills, it is indisputable, as this report shows, that the benefits are shared by all energy consumers. 

“When rooftop solar is pumping out clean power, demand goes down and so retailers don’t have to buy as much power on the wholesale market. This results in lower electricity prices for all of us.

“Imagine if more households, schools, hospitals, shops and public buildings across the country had access to cheap, clean solar power - there would be more benefits to all electricity consumers.

The report prepared by energy market consultants Energy Synapse analysed a one year study period (1 May 2016 – 30 April 2017) and found:

●      Rooftop solar PV decreased the volume weighted average price of wholesale electricity from a top of $132/MWh to $88/MWh

●      Each megawatt hour of power produced by small solar reduced wholesale costs by $1,400-$2,200.

●      The biggest monthly cost reduction was in February 2017, of at least $740 million

●      Small solar PV reduced the length of peak demand by 58% (3.1 hours), and the severity of peak demand by an average of 3% (432MW) 

“Rooftop solar produces around 2% of power in NSW but what it does is reduce demand for power at peak times - without rooftop solar, wholesale electricity prices would be 33-50% higher. 

“NSW residents want cheap, clean energy and rooftop solar just makes sense. Over 370,000 households and businesses across NSW have rooftop solar, and many more are ready to make the switch.

“While this report looks specifically at NSW, we anticipate similar outcomes for other States and Territories, including South Australia and Queensland, which have high levels of rooftop solar.

“Solar is already a big part of Australia’s energy mix, and we need to clear the roadblocks so that every rooftop that can have solar is able to get it.

“Rooftop solar benefits the whole community but solar owners have been getting a raw deal from retailers who can pay them nothing for the power they produce. It’s time solar owners got a fair price for their power.


Media contact: Andrew Bradley p: 0403 777 137 e:

SA Liberal Home Battery Support Welcome But Scrapping SA Renewable Target Leaves SA at Whim of Divided Federal Government

Solar Citizens has welcomed the South Australian Liberal Opposition’s $100 million commitment to supporting South Australian solar households to take up battery storage but says scrapping the state based renewable goal in the face of federal inaction is a major missed opportunity.

“Renewable energy with storage is the cheapest way to cut pollution and power bills so it’s positive to see the South Australian Liberals backing solar households with battery storage and funding for grid scale storage. More solar and storage will support all South Australians with cleaner and cheaper power,” Dan Spencer, South Australian campaigner with Solar Citizens said.

“Sadly, Steven Marshall’s Liberals have missed a big opportunity by committing to scrap South Australia’s 50% renewable goal, something that plays into the hands of a divided Federal Government with no plan for renewables post 2020. Scrapping SA’s renewable target is a retrograde move that sends the wrong message and it will be vehemently opposed by the South Australian community,” Mr Spencer said.

“With a strong and sensible state renewable target that drives new renewables and storage, South Australia could be a renewable superpower. Scrapping South Australia’s existing renewable goal just does not make sense and South Australians will not support it,” Mr Spencer said.

Solar Citizens says the Liberals’ plan to replace the state-owned gas plant should instead be a plan for new renewables with storage.

“Rather than replacing the state-owned gas plant with a reverse auction for existing generation, the SA Liberals should commit to run a reverse auction for new clean renewables with backup storage to make South Australia less reliant on uncompetitive, polluting gas” Mr Spencer said.

Solar Citizens says policy to support people on low incomes and renters to access the benefits of renewable energy with storage remains an enormous gap and must be prioritised by all parties in the lead-up to the March 2017 state election.

“Solar Citizens urges all political parties ahead of the SA election to support people currently locked out of the benefits of renewables with storage to have access to clean and cheap power,” Mr Spencer said.

Positives in the Liberal Plan

  • $100 million for household battery storage.

  • $50 million for grid scale storage.

  • Establish a renewable energy zone between SA and NSW with funding for increased interconnection.

Negatives in the Liberal Plan

  • Scrapping the South Australian 50% renewables goal which sends a negative message to investors and leaves policy for new generation with the Federal Government who are walking away from a Clean Energy Target and has no plan for renewables post 2020.

  • A reverse auction that benefits existing private gas generators to supply unused capacity. Solar Citizens recommends replacing this with a reverse auction for new renewables with storage.

For media inquiries: Dan Spencer 0423 865 632