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Webinar: The EV revolution: why Australia is lagging behind

As transport sector emissions and petrol prices are rapidly rising, demand for electric vehicles has never been higher. But there’s not enough to go around, and those that are available aren't affordable for most Australians.

Want to know more about the key EV policy interventions? Baffled about why Australia is dragging its heels on affordable clean transport when petrol prices are sky-high? You’re not alone!

On Tuesday 2nd August we held an informative webinar to learn more about Australia’s stalling electric vehicle revolution – how we got here, where we’re headed and what we can do to encourage the Government to unlock abundant and affordable EVs for all Australians.



Ishan Jagaty and Claire Painter - JET Charge 

JET Charge designs, distributes, installs, and manages EV charging solutions nationwide. Ishan is an electrical engineer with past experience in electrical equipment manufacturing and distribution, and is the Technical Trainer at JET Charge. His passion for motorsport and vehicles propelled his career into                                         technical training for EV charging infrastructure at JET Charge. Prior to joining                              JET Charge, Ishan worked at NHP Electrical Engineering Products in a variety of                            roles supporting electric vehicle infrastructure.

Claire is the Head of Business Development at JET Charge. Claire has worked for Mercedes-Benz Australia leading the transition into electric mobility, for ClimateWorks Australia, where she was involved in the establishment of the Australian Electric Vehicle Council and published The State of Electric Vehicles in Australia. In addition, Claire worked for the EU-based Climate Policy Initiative.

Bryce Gaton, contributor for The Driven and Renew Economy

Bryce is an expert on EVs, and has been working in the sector since 2008. He is currently working as EV electrical safety trainer and supervisor for the University of Melbourne, and provides support for the EV Transition to business, government and the public through his EV Transition consultancy EVchoice.

Kay Wennagel, EV-passionate community member

Kay is an engineer by trade and has been campaigning on climate change for over a decade. She is enthusiastic about the value of electric transport and bought one of the first EVs in Australia seven years ago. Kay still marvels at the cost savings that her EV has brought her - both in petrol costs and maintenance costs -                                      especially in the current cost of living crisis.

Ajaya Haikerwal, Clean Transport Campaigner at Solar Citizens

Ajaya is passionate about seeing a transition to clean transport that will benefit all Australians, and brings over four years experience in grassroots climate engagement programs, previously working with Climate for Change and the Climate Action Network Australia. 




August 02, 2022 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Online via Zoom (RSVP for invite)
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