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Clean Technology the Solution to Lower Bills Says New Survey

Monday 15 August 2022: Clean Technology the Solution to Lower Bills Says New Survey

A new survey by community group Solar Citizens has shown the extent to which household solar is driving down power bills.

The nation-wide survey of 1,700 Australians has found that rooftop solar is providing significant reductions to household power bills, with 42 per cent of solar owners saying they save more than 70 per cent off their electricity bills or are usually in credit. A further 20 per cent of people say they’re saving more than 50 per cent off their bills. 

The survey found households without solar were much more likely to be significantly concerned about rising electricity prices than those with solar.

“At the moment high global coal and gas prices are driving power bills through the roof. The only guaranteed way for households to shield themselves and bring down their electricity bills is to generate their own power,” said Stephanie Gray, Deputy Director at Solar Citizens. 

“In response to high prices, State and Federal Energy Ministers are discussing the possibility of introducing new fossil fuel subsidies via a capacity mechanism. This is absolutely the opposite of what’s required because the only time we’re seeing lower wholesale power prices is during the day when there’s abundant solar operating.

“We’d like to see the Federal Government implement a Renewable Energy Storage Target to help more households utilise their cheap solar energy around the clock. This would be good news for the grid and help bring down prices for everyone.”

A significant 84 per cent of solar owners surveyed who currently don’t have a battery are looking to purchase one in the next three years. Cost of battery storage is still seen as a major barrier, but for the largest share of those polled (26 per cent) a government subsidy of at least $3,000-$4,000 would be enough to get them over the line to purchase a battery.

“With the energy chaos of the past few months, it’s no surprise that households are looking for the savings and security offered by storage in their homes,” said Ms Gray.

“We’re also hearing that many people are looking to electrify their household and get off the gas network to untie themselves from spiralling gas prices.”

A staggering 41 per cent of those surveyed who had gas in their households said they would definitely switch to electric alternatives with a government subsidy.

“Big coal and gas companies are cashing in on this energy crisis at the expense of consumers, and it’s time for our new Federal Government to act on their mandate to roll out affordable clean energy.

“It’s a no brainer we should be helping everyday Australians tap into our abundant cheap sunshine with batteries and electric appliances to maximise the benefits.”


Media contact: Stephanie Gray 0425543006

Of those surveyed:

  • 85% have solar.

  • 42% have saved 70% or more (or are in credit) on annual electricity costs, and 61% have saved 51% or more.

  • 84% of solar owners without a battery are interested in buying one in the next 3 years, where 20% of solar owners already have one.

  • When asked how much a government subsidy would need to be for non-battery owners to purchase a battery:

    • 26% said $3-4,000 or more

    • 20% said $5-6,000 or more

    • 10% said the entire cost

    • (24% unsure, around 7% each said $1-2,000, or above $7,000).

  • 49% of solar owners were moderately to extremely concerned about electricity costs compared to 72% of people without solar.