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Plan to Accelerate Electric Vehicles Welcomed

19th August 2022: Plan to Accelerate Electric Vehicles Welcomed 

Clean transport advocate Solar Citizens has today welcomed a plan by the Federal Government to get Australia into the fast lane on electric vehicles (EVs) by investigating Fuel Efficiency Standards as part of the upcoming National Electric Vehicle Strategy.

“As everyday Australians feel the strain of the cost of living crisis, we’re hearing cries out for affordable EVs, which are cheaper to run and maintain than petrol vehicles. Today, the Government is saying “we hear you” and putting us firmly in the queue to secure a reliable supply of affordable EVs,” said Ajaya Haikerwal, Clean Transport Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

“Fuel Efficiency Standards will give car makers a limit on how much total carbon pollution new vehicles can produce. It shifts the onus and incentivises the industry to bring more electric models to Australia, opening up the market with more options and price points to help Australians make the switch. 

“This is a sensible policy that would finally let Australia show up to the EV race. Although we have many examples from overseas that we can follow, we need to ensure Australia locks in a globally competitive standard as soon as possible.

“Already, vested interests like the Federal Chamber for Automotive Industries (FCAI) are proposing watered-down versions of this scheme, but we need a robust Fuel Efficiency Standard that is aligned with a 1.5°C warming scenario to get up to speed with the international community – anything less is irresponsible.

“We know that manufacturers often overestimate the emissions savings of hybrids and plug-in hybrids, so although these vehicles are good for some amount of emissions reduction in the short term, we need a world-class standard with no loopholes for hybrids. No other country in the world includes credits for hybrids in its scheme. 

“The last Federal Government dragged their feet on EV policy, so what we don’t want to see is a long, drawn out consultation process that sees us fall even further behind the rest of the world. We’re starting the global race for EVs from the carpark while other countries have already left the starting line.”


Media Contact: Ajaya Haikerwal (0400 723 324)

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