Federal Government rushes to boost fossil fuels over cheaper energy - Solar Citizens

Federal Government Rushes to Boost Fossil Fuels over Cheaper Energy

Solar Citizens today condemns the Federal Government’s backing of a gas-fired economic recovery, saying the government is supporting expensive, out-of-date technology.

“While renewables are driving down the wholesale price of electricity, expensive gas has been one of the main factors pushing up power bills in recent years,” said Ellen Roberts Solar Citizens’ National Director.

“It’s almost beyond belief that the government is supporting polluting and expensive energy at a time when we have a real chance to diversify the economy and kick-start renewable export and manufacturing industries.

“This is the Federal Government pandering to the interests of the fossil fuel lobby.”

Just last week, Solar Citizens released data commissioned from Green Energy Markets, which showed that there are 108 large-scale renewable energy projects proposed across Queensland that would generate 51,000 construction jobs and $36 billion worth of investment.

“Here in Queensland we have a natural renewable energy advantage that we could utilise to produce cheap energy for industry,” said Ms Roberts.

“Just yesterday the State Government invested in the CopperString 2.0 project, which when built will allow more solar and wind farms to connect to the grid and provide cheap energy to North Queensland industry.

“This is the approach the Federal Government should be taking: investing in renewable infrastructure to lower bills, create regional jobs, and future-proof the economy.

“The price of gas is volatile, but renewables just keep getting cheaper and cheaper.”


Media contact: Ellen Roberts 0408 583 694