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Top Reasons to Invest in Solar Batteries for Your Home

As Australia’s renewables industry continues to boom, the uptake of home solar batteries is slowly on the rise.

If you’re on the fence about getting solar batteries for your home, let us help you make the switch. Here are four reasons why you should invest in this up and coming new technology.


Make the most of your solar panels

More than 2 million Australians now have solar panels installed on their roof. We know capturing energy from the sun to produce your own energy has serious financial benefits. But what about the times of day you aren’t home to use the energy your system is generating? Peak solar production happens between 10am and 4pm when many of us are at work.

Solar batteries store that energy so it can be used at any time of the day. This supports your solar panels to use all of the energy they create, increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Protect yourself from grid failure

If you’ve lived through a hot Australian summer, chances are you’ve experienced a blackout. It can be frustrating, particularly if you work at home, live with children or the elderly and need to cool the house down with an aircon.

Solar batteries counteract blackouts by providing back-up electricity to your home when you are ‘off-grid’. This is particularly important for those living in remote areas of the country who may have very hot summers and experience regular blackouts. However, they do need to be designed to operate during blackouts, so make sure you talk to an accredited designer about getting the right specification for your battery to make sure it’s blackout-proof.

Be independent from energy companies

Electricity utility suppliers are notorious for price inconsistency. The energy market fluctuates regularly, and you might experience your energy bills getting higher and higher. Maybe it’s time for you to break the nexus between big energy companies and your power.

Solar batteries significantly reduce your reliance on energy providers for your electricity. Taking ownership of your electricity supply can provide you with peace of mind that you aren’t getting ripped off. However it should be noted that using solar batteries does not rid you completely of power bills. Peak periods where you need to draw energy from the grid, and connection fees do mean that you will still be financially engaged with the company to some extent.

Support clean energy technology

Renewable energy technology is on an upward trajectory. Solar battery prices are expected to drop over the next few years, in the same way solar panels have. In Victoria, the Andrews Government have recently announced a $40 million solar battery scheme to support Victorian households prepare for the boom which aims to provide half priced solar batteries for over 10,000 homes!

So while you may want to hold off on purchasing a solar battery system, if you have the motivation and means to invest, there’s no time like the present to start supporting this new energy technology. It’s time to lead the way into the future!

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