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Solar-powered cost of living relief in Federal Budget good for households, small business and environment

Solar Citizens welcomes media reports the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will use a speech today to indicate further energy price relief for households and small business and recognise the need for greater uptake of rooftop solar [1].

Many households, especially in regional areas, face continued cost of living pressure and energy bill increases.

In Solar Citizens’ Federal Budget pre-submission, the independent renewable energy and clean transport advocacy organisation calls for:

  • An end to the fuel tax credit scheme for the mining sector and reinvestment of the approximately $3 billion per year towards rooftop solar and batteries, renewable energy infrastructure and clean transport;
  • Greater government support for the rollout of rooftop solar and batteries for residential apartments and their electrification;
  • Tax concessions, such as instant asset depreciation, to incentivise landlords to install solar on rental properties and provide cheaper, cleaner energy for tenants;
  • More solar for social housing, with a short-term target of rooftop solar on 30% of social housing properties nationally; 
  • Supporting the energy grid with social housing household batteries; and 
    Energy bill relief for low-income households, compensating for the direct energy bill impacts of Commonwealth Renewable Energy Target.

CEO Heidi Lee Douglas said, “Today’s speech by the Prime Minister is the strongest indication yet that solar-powered cost of living relief will be front and centre in the Federal Budget in May.

“Solar Citizens encourages the Federal Government to make a significant funding commitment in the Budget towards placing more solar on millions more rooftops across the country and backing it up with local battery storage.

“A new burst of budget investment in local-scale solar will help bring cost of living relief, provide cheaper, cleaner energy for households and small businesses, and reinvigorate local manufacturing.

“Rooftop solar provides the cheapest possible energy to customers, now we need more government support so everyone across the country can share in the cost-saving benefits of solar, regardless of their postcode, or whether they rent or live in an apartment or social housing.

“Australian households save about $1,000 a year with rooftop solar and those savings last for the lifetime of the solar system which might be 20 to 25 years. These savings can be increased if rooftop solar is paired with behind-the-meter battery storage, allowing households to use their own stored cheap, clean energy at night. That’s value for money.

“Investment in fast-tracking solar for homes and small businesses would bring energy bills down, increase energy security and boost good new jobs.

“Every Australian household should have the support it needs to run on cheap, clean solar power instead of burning expensive, polluting fossil fuels,” she said.

Solar Citizens 2024-25 Federal Pre-Budget Submission available here

Albanese signals May budget likely to include extension of energy price relief for small business and families: Guardian