Pass NVES and get more cars that run on sunshine on the road, sooner - Solar Citizens

Pass NVES and get more cars that run on sunshine on the road, sooner

Solar Citizens calls on Australia’s political leaders to support passing the revised New Vehicle Efficiency Standard, delivering more affordable electric vehicles and ongoing fuel savings for Australians. 

CEO Heidi Lee Douglas said, “The Federal Government has listened to various stakeholders and made sensible concessions in the new draft. Now the vested interests of the legacy car industry should get out of the road and stop blocking the best interests of Australian motorists who want the cost of living savings and health benefits the fuel efficiency benefits the new standard will deliver.

“The New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will return money to household budgets, ease the cost of living for drivers, and reduce pollution and emissions for decades to come.

“The new efficiency standard opens the path for more efficient, cheaper-to-run vehicles in the Australian market, including more efficient petrol models, electric vehicles, and hybrids.

“The average Australian spends $5000 on petrol [1] and this new standard will reduce fuel costs by about $1000 per vehicle per year or about $17,000 over the life of a standard vehicle. "This is money back in people’s pockets that can be better spent on paying mortgages or rent, paying bills, or helping with the rising cost of living.

“With the world’s leading uptake of home solar, the sooner the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard passes parliament, the sooner more Australians can get behind the wheel of a car that runs on sunshine,” she said.

Heidi Lee Douglas is available for interview from Federal Parliament, Canberra
Media contact: Jane Garcia 0455 111 593

[1]  ABC, The most affordable cities for transport and how much people are paying for fuel