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Solar Citizens comment on the Future Made in Australia Act

Comment from Solar Citizens CEO Heidi Lee Douglas:

“Solar Citizens welcomes the release of the Future Made in Australia Act and its focus on ensuring the growing demand for household solar and batteries is matched with making the technology here.

“This is a massive opportunity for a new, modern, clean industry with export potential, investment in homegrown innovation and opportunities for regional jobs and economic growth. 

“Domestically manufactured solar panels provide more transparency of supply chains and product quality and safety. The development of local panel manufacturing will provide more consumer confidence and help fuel further increases in rooftop solar uptake across the country.

“In the upcoming Federal Budget, we want to see greater investment by government in supporting people currently locked out of rooftop solar and batteries to access the bill-saving benefits of renewables and locally made panels. This includes support for solar for renters, people who live in social housing or apartments and households with low incomes.

“The government can help with cost of living by removing barriers to those who need it most for bill-saving solar, and at the same time kick start local manufacture. Let’s go solar, and let’s make it local”.