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Launching 'Electrify Wolli Creek'

By Carolin Wenzel and Justine Lawson, Wolli Creek residents

Solar Citizens and residents of Discovery Point at Wolli Creek have teamed up to launch Electrify Wolli Creek, a community-driven initiative dedicated to exploring energy efficiency and renewable energy options for apartment living.

During the launch event, held both at the Magdalene Chapel and outside Wolli Creek railway station, residents engaged with displays and representatives, showing keen interest in sustainable energy solutions such as rooftop solar installations, EV charging infrastructure, heat pump hot water systems, and induction cooking.

Reflecting on the event, Electrify Wolli Creek founding member Carolin Wenzel said, “It was exciting to meet more local high-rise residents who care about reducing greenhouse emissions and want to explore all the benefits of electrification of our appliances and vehicles.” 

"It's heartening to see local residents coming together with a shared passion for reducing their carbon footprint and reducing household energy costs," said Justine Lawson, another founding member of the initiative. “It was important to hear the challenges residents face in advocating for sustainable changes within their strata communities and to consider ways we might collaborate to overcome obstacles.”

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