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Voters Choose Action in the Climate Election

23 May 2022: Voters Choose Action in the Climate Election

The federal election result shows that the climate narrative has shifted and Australians want real action on climate and clean energy, says community group Solar Citizens.

“Australians have cast their vote for a cleaner future. They’ve thrown their support behind Labor’s commitments to increase the country’s 2030 emissions reduction target, hasten the transition to clean and cheap renewable energy, and make electric transport more affordable,” said Solar Citizens’ Deputy Director, Stephanie Gray.

Australians are fed up with inaction. They want a Federal Government that will deliver cheap renewables and electric transport to tackle rising emissions and cost of living.

“People are sick of the dead-end climate wars and tired soundbites about needing coal and gas, or electric vehicles ending the weekend. The reality for everyday Australians is that clinging to fossil fuels equals skyrocketing power and petrol prices.

“For years a handful of politicians have tried to derail Australia’s efforts to cut pollution. Saturday’s results show they are now completely out of touch with the electorate where climate was one of the top issues for voters.

“Aussie households have seen for themselves that having solar panels on your roof or an electric car in your garage can save you money while helping to do your bit for the environment. Communities from the inner cities to the regions are already seeing the benefits of cheap clean energy that can power new industries and deliver future-proof jobs. 

“Australians have demanded change this election, and we’ve seen a huge shift in how people talk about and vote on climate and clean technology, like renewables and EVs.”

2,400 Solar Citizens members mobilised for clean energy and transport during the election campaign. Volunteers delivered 70,000 energy and transport scorecards to letterboxes across the country, emailed their candidates, turned out to events supporting electric vehicles, volunteered at roadside actions and markets, and signed petitions. 

Now it’s up to the new Labor Government, whether that be in majority or otherwise,  to deliver a future powered by cheap renewable energy and affordable clean transport. 


Media contact: Stephanie Gray 0425 543 006