Vanadium Plant Applauded as a Win for Townsville - Solar Citizens

Vanadium Plant Applauded as a Win for Townsville

23 November: Vanadium Plant Applauded as a Win for Townsville

The Queensland government’s commitment to build and own a new vanadium processing plant in Townsville has today been applauded by community group Solar Citizens. 

“This is a smart investment by the Queensland government that is a step towards turning Townsville into a renewable industry hub,” said Stephanie Gray, Energy Strategist at Solar Citizens. 

“North Queensland’s mineral deposits and natural renewable resources mean Townsville is perfectly placed to process minerals for clean technology and produce renewable hydrogen for export. Investing in these opportunities will create good, future-proof jobs for the region.

“It’s a shame that the Morrison government is not taking this potential as seriously. They are overlooking Townsville as one of the country’s planned hydrogen hubs and Queensland is still waiting for a slice of federal clean energy funding.

“The Federal government has provided significant clean energy funding to states like South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania, but Queensland is still waiting for an energy and emissions reduction funding deal.

“If we want to tap into Townsville’s incredible potential to be a clean manufacturing powerhouse then we need support from all levels of government.”


Media contact: Stephanie Gray 0425543006