Turnbull Energy Plan Will Slam Brakes On Renewables - Solar Citizens

Turnbull Energy Plan Will Slam Brakes On Renewables & More Work On the NEG Will Only Make It More Obvious

Solar Citizens has expressed disappointment that the Turnbull Government’s anti-renewable National Energy Guarantee was not stopped by the Council of Australian Governments today.

“Australians will not support the Turnbull Government’s energy plan that has been shown to slam the door on renewable energy in Australia,” Shani Tager, Senior Campaigner with Solar Citizens said.

“It is deeply disappointing that this anti-renewable plan has been given more oxygen at COAG today, they’re simply kicking the can down the road at a time when Australia needs a clear, sensible plan for renewable energy.

“It’s been clear from the start that the National Energy Guarantee is only a guarantee for big power companies and polluting coal stations and will lock Australian households out of the benefits of clean energy,” Tager said.

Solar Citizens has welcomed South Australia and the ACT’s attempt to stop the anti-renewable National Energy Guarantee in its path.

“South Australia and the ACT listened to the community and stood strong against this anti-renewable plan from the Turnbull Government today. It is disappointing more states did not step up to stop this anti-renewable plan in its tracks,” Dan Spencer, South Australian Campaigner with Solar Citizens said.

“The so called National Energy Guarantee would put more power into the hands of the gentailer oligopoly operating in South Australia that is keeping power bills high. The solution is new renewables with storage, like the solar thermal plant being delivered by Premier Weatherill, not propping up eastern state coal generators,” Mr Spencer said.

“Until the Federal Government gets serious about powering Australia with our abundant wind and sun, the community will continue to oppose its anti-renewable plans,” Mr Spencer said.


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