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Stronger Climate Action Means More Regional Queensland Jobs

Media release 13 January 2021: Stronger Climate Action Means More Regional Jobs

As international pressure builds for the Australian Government to adopt more ambitious climate and clean energy targets, new analysis from community group Solar Citizens shows fast-tracking the energy transition could create an extra 22,000 construction and installation job years in Queensland by 2030 compared with business as usual.

The job figures, based on future scenario modelling from the Australian Energy Market Operator, take into account additional jobs that could be created in small and large-scale solar, wind and household batteries if Australia embraces stronger emission reduction targets.

“Turbocharging Queensland’s rollout of renewable energy could see a total of 44,000 clean energy job years created in the installation of solar, wind and distributed storage by 2030 as well as an additional 2,000 jobs in operations and maintenance,” said Solar Citizens’ Energy Strategist Stephanie Gray.

“The move to cleaner energy is a no-brainer here in the Sunshine State. Hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders are already seeing solar savings from their rooftop, and large-scale solar and wind projects are pushing ageing coal stations out of the market because they provide cheaper electricity.

“If we go beyond Queensland’s 50% renewable energy target we’ll see a surge of regional clean energy jobs that will help communities rebound from the economic downturn.”

The modelling shows that stronger climate and renewable energy commitments from the federal and state government would likely drive additional renewable energy investment in the Darling Downs, Central and Far North Queensland.

If Queensland’s world-leading rooftop solar industry continues to gain momentum, it could create 22,000 installation job years over the next ten years.

“Already Queensland’s solar homes are the state’s largest single generator of electricity and by 2030 this capacity could grow to four times the size of the state’s biggest coal station,” said Ms Gray.

“Queenslanders are quiet clean energy achievers. If our governments follow their lead it will drive down pollution, electricity prices and power jobs for the future.

“The Sunshine State is also one of the best places to develop new renewable hydrogen manufacturing and industry precincts. If our governments act fast, we’ll be well-placed to begin powering the world with Queensland-made renewable hydrogen.

“For a long time hardworking regional Queenslanders have been keeping our electricity system running and the lights on. This energy expertise will be critical as we move to the next generation of energy and begin to export our solar and wind resources to the world.”


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