Stanwell’s Honesty Applauded as Economics Shift - Solar Citizens

Stanwell’s Honesty Applauded as Economics Shift

21 April 2021: Queensland’s Stanwell corporation has today stated that it will shift focus from fossil fuels to renewables, a move that is welcomed by community group Solar Citizens.

The Queensland government-owned corporation is Australia’s third largest carbon emitter, owning Stanwell, Tarong and Tarong North coal stations.

“It’s a really positive first step that Stanwell is being upfront and starting this conversation with communities that will be affected by early coal retirement and curtailment,” said Stephanie Gray, Energy Strategist at Solar Citizens. 

“The economics have shifted and the state’s coal and gas-fired power stations are rapidly becoming unprofitable because they can’t keep up with cheaper renewable energy.

“In the latest financial audit the value of Stanwell’s coal and gas plants was decreased by a staggering $720 million.

“But the reality is that the Queensland government has not allocated anywhere near enough money to replace coal and gas-fired power stations with publicly-owned renewable energy and storage.

“The State government has indicated that they’re committed to maintaining majority public ownership of the state’s energy generation but it’s all words without enough money on the table.

“Stanwell has taken a lead here and been upfront about the dire situation that Queensland’s coal-fired power stations are in. Now it’s time for the Queensland government to do the same.”

Media contact: Stephanie Gray 0425543006