South Australia leads the way towards a clean energy future - Solar Citizens

South Australia leads the way towards a clean energy future

Solar Citizens welcomes the South Australian Government's announcement of a transition towards a low carbon economy with a report released today recommending a road map to South Australia being powered by 100 per cent renewable energy.

Campaigns Director Dan Scaysbrook said South Australia was at the forefront of solar and wind energy development in Australia, with renewables already meeting 100% of the state's electricity needs for a whole working day last year.

“The Weatherill Government has today announced they will adopt recommendations from the Low Carbon Economy Expert Panel and we look forward to seeing this exciting plan being implemented across South Australia,” he said.

“A global race towards a renewable future is on and South Australia has today pulled ahead with this 100% “low carbon economy” commitment.

“An impressive 1 in 4 households in SA have rooftop solar and the power they generate currently meets about 5% of SA's total electricity demand. The idea by the expert report to have a solar panel on every rooftop will be particularly welcome by Solar Citizens and the public as demonstrated in consistent polling.

“The expert panel has recommended the government aim higher, setting a goal of 100% renewable electricity, pointing out this can happen "relatively quickly" and that SA can become a net exporter of renewables.

“The report provides South Australia with a comprehensive plan of how it can share in the global boom in renewables The task for the Government is to turn this into a reality by introducing laws that delivers on the report’s action plan.

"The South Australian Government can start to deliver on this commitment by ruling out the 'solar tax' proposed by SA Power Networks and setting a minimum, fair feed-in price for solar owners when they export surplus electricity back to the grid.

“Australians are ready for the jobs, opportunities and savings on power bills that solar and other renewable energy technologies deliver, it’s time for the Government to hit the accelerator,” he said.

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